5 Creative Medical Marketing Ideas You Need to Know About

Marketing in the medical industry is very difficult. There’s heavy competition in almost every field. Your marketing materials need to be both compassionate and highly educational.

Fortunately, digital marketing allows for a number of different creative ways to reach the public. You can also use tactics that employ compelling and educational content. Some of these tactics are great for offline use as well.

If you operate a medical practice or facility and want to step up your exposure, there are a number of things you can do. Your primary concern should be having a calculated and methodical approach to targeting the audience who needs your services.

To get you started, we’re going over five medical marketing ideas that will help you form new patient relationships. You’ll also grow your reputation in this highly competitive field.

Let’s get started.

1. Create an Informative Blog

A well-written blog does a number of positive things for a healthcare practice or organization. The primary one being the feeling of trust you’ll build in new and existing patients. An informative medical blog also establishes authority and exhibits expertise in a particular field.

You can use a blog to answer questions about procedures and health issues you know the public may have. Creating this educational content forms an instant connection with the public and also helps your rankings in search engines.

Google now rewards relevant, high-quality content. It’s no longer good enough to use canned, generic content on your blog or site. It needs to be unique.

This is your chance to spread your message and let people know what your practice is all about. Then, attach your blog to your main website so search engines see that you’re adding fresh content from time to time.

2. Video Marketing

If you’re looking for medical marketing ideas that leave a lasting impact on the audience, you can’t ignore custom videos. This is an extremely effective tool in the medical industry, as videos allow you to display the compassion and professionalism your practice lives by.

Video is also a great platform for patient testimonials. They give people a firsthand account of what type of service you provide.

They’re also a great way to put people at ease. When facing medical problems, many times people are vulnerable and afraid. Being able to see inside a medical facility and get a sense of who they’ll be dealing with is extremely comforting.

Videos are a great way to educate too. You can provide short, informative videos about common health issues you treat. You’re both answering questions and also explaining how you can help.

Video marketing also provides a number of options for increasing exposure. Consider a YouTube channel dedicated to your practice.

You can also embed videos on associated pages on your site. Videos now rank well in search engines, and this means more online visibility for your practice.

3. Social Media Marketing

You can enhance just about all of these medical marketing ideas using the power of social media. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are now common platforms for business promotion. The sharable nature of material along with people’s willingness to spread interesting content makes social media a must for any marketing campaign.

Your practice or medical organization needs to set up social media accounts, Facebook being the primary player here. Make sure you provide all the information a new patient would need, including links to your website and patient reviews.

If you’re taking advantage of blogging and videos, you need to share this material on social media. Not only does this mean you reach new eyes, your content will get shared by those who find it helpful. Essentially, you’re getting free promotion just by creating compelling content.

When approaching a social media campaign, try to not overdo it. Set a schedule and only send out new material about twice a week. You don’t want to risk overwhelming or annoying your followers.

4. A Compelling and Effective Website

Your practice most likely has a website. However, there are a few medical marketing ideas that can give it the boost it needs. There are also things you need to make sure are in place.

Your website is the primary online vehicle for your practice or facility. It needs to be user-friendly and provide visitors with your contact information along with instructions for setting an appointment.

You should provide an online form for contacting you via email and even scheduling an appointment or checking in online prior to an appointment. Your patients will appreciate that. Apollo Medical Center is a good example of an effective website in action.

Your website should be easy to navigate and provide detailed information regarding the services you provide. This will help when search engines index your site for certain keywords.

And speaking of keywords, it’s essential you invest in SEO services to help increase the chances of your site coming up for certain search queries. Make sure the content is well-written, informative and compelling. You should also include testimonials and videos.

5. E-mail Marketing

Many people think e-mail newsletters are a thing of the past, but they’re still very effective. Most medical marketing ideas involve making it easier for new patients to find you. With e-mail marketing, you go straight to them.

Distributing an e-mail newsletter each month is a great way to inform and educate the public. It also keeps you at the front of their minds.

Use the material you produce for your blog and any videos you create as newsletter content. You should also keep recipients up to date with any changes or news happening with your practice.

When creating a newsletter, make sure it’s optimized to display correctly on all mobile devices. It’s highly likely many people will use a tablet or smartphone to open your e-mail.

Take Advantage of These Medical Marketing Ideas

Higher online exposure doesn’t happen overnight. The marketing ideas discussed are a great way to kick-start your medical practice. Remember to formulate a plan and integrate the tactics that work best for your particular practice or facility.

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