How to Market Your Airport Limo Service

When travelers leave the airport, they want luxury after a long flight.

And for those traveling to the airport, they want to feel famous as they arrive. In some cases, renting a limo or luxury vehicle is the same price or as renting a taxi or driving service. So why not ride in style?

But your audience won’t know this unless you devise an expert marketing strategy.

To develop a larger client base, there are effective ways to market your limo company at the airport. In today’s digital world, there are more marketing avenues.

These help your brand stay ahead of the competition and target your audience.

Use these tips and grow your airport limo brand.

Promote Your Sales Pitch Online

These days, consumers do most of their research and shopping online. We live in a world of smart consumers; they read testimonials and reviews before purchasing. When promoting your limo service online, always keep sales in mind.

Use great customer reviews and testimonials to create a sales pitch. Have a clear area on your homepage for customers to reserve a limo, such as the one on the Toronto Airports Limousine homepage.

Customers also love convenience. If your website has bad user experience or an outdated sales platform, this will turn off your customers.

The buying service should also be quick — customers shouldn’t have to jump through several hoops to reserve and pay for an airport limo.

In addition to your website, partner with surrounding airports and see if you can promote your sales on the airports’ websites. While clients are looking up transportation options, they will immediately see your ad and will book a limo.

Organic Content Marketing

Back in the day, brands would increase their awareness with paid ads. Inorganic, or paid, advertising is still prevalent. But brands have another option: content marketing.

Using the aid of keywords, content, and Google, airport limo companies can advertise their brand across a wide variety of platforms.

The public finds anything through search results. They can easily search a limo company by city or by the nearest airport. The best way to ensure your website will appear at the top of search results is with content marketing.

Host a blog on your website. Hire or outsource writers to write a wide variety of content on your blog. Post this content on your social media page. Other types of media, such as professional photos and video, also help increase exposure.

Always make sure you hire experts. SEO and content professionals may be more expensive, but their services boost brand awareness and will make your brand an influencer.

Offer Coupons and Discounts

This is an old-fashioned marketing strategy, but one that always works. Saving money never goes out of style. Especially when it comes to an airport limo service.

When reserving a limo, someone’s first concern is the price. But if you offer discounts and coupons, customers will be more inclined to take a limo.

After a discount, the cost of a limo is only a little more expensive than other forms of transportation.

Coupons and discounts are also beneficial for those who are looking for limo services, such as couples on their honeymoon or CEOs booking a corporate event. They can ride in luxury while saving money.

You can also offer additional services. These include a free item or free service. Or offer a buy one, get one service. This can include payment for a ride from the airport, but get a ride to the airport for free.

Take specific opportunities to offer discounts. These include limo packages for honeymoons, businesses, Mothers and Fathers day, birthdays, and other special events.

Generate Leads

Say a customer visited your website but didn’t reserve a limo. This visitor may not be a customer, but they’re still a ‘lead.’ Developing leads is the process of turning someone into a devoted customer.

What’s the best way to bring them in? If you can’t convince them with a sale, convince them with other methods.

This includes a quiz, questionnaire, an eBook, fun facts about limos or the history of airport limo services, and even the classic email newsletter can eventually entice a visitor to become a customer.

Become Active

Digital marketing and advertising is a major marketing push, but sometimes being personable is the best type of marketing.

As an airport limo service, you have a great experience to connect with others.

The airport is a great place to host charities and other special events such as concerts, art galleries, and movie premieres. Your limo service can be directly involved, doing business or just acting as a spokesperson for the event.

If you’re the shy type, there are still ways to be involved. Platforms such as LinkedIn are great ways to meet other professionals and develop a social image.

Forum engagement is also a great way to meet like-minded people and promote your company.

Have a Referral Service

As an airport limo service, you probably get the same clients. These clients usually travel a lot and may do well for themselves. If you notice the same names and faces pop up in your database, offer them discounts.

Create a referral service that benefits your regular and new customers. Offer them both discounts.

When your regular customers reserve a limo, prompt them to enter the name of a customer they referred. When your new customer reserves a limo, prompt them to enter the name of the customer who referred them.

This also creates word-of-mouth. Chances are if someone likes your business they will recommend your limo service to friends and family. Give back to these clients. This will increase their devotion.

You can also reward your customers for posting reviews. Offer a coupon or free ride when your customers post a review on major platforms such as Google.

Instruct your customers to screenshot your review and email you the file. After you see their review, send them the discount or free service.

Are You Ready to Market Your Airport Limo Service?

There is a myriad of ways to promote your limo service. The airport gives you leverage because more people need rides to and from the airport. Offer ways to ride in luxury while saving money and receiving other benefits.

When marketing, always have the customer in mind. This way, you’ll profit.

If you’re looking for a limo or other transportation service, search our resources.

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