What to Look for in a Great Airport Car Service

More than 8 million people fly across the world every day.

Are you planning on taking a trip sometime soon?

You’ll need to pack a suitcase and figure out an itinerary, of course, but what about when you touch down in your destination?

Instead of driving your car, simply choose to rent one through the airport car service available at your fingertips.

Read on to learn what to look for in a great airport car service.

1. What Vehicles Does The Airport Car Service Have Available?

If you are planning a solo trip, you may not care what type of cars are ready for you when you arrive at your destination.

On the other hand, if you plan on taking four children plus your spouse and all of your belongings, you’ll need to plan to rent a much larger van.

Some places have between 20-50 cars and vans that are registered and used daily. Once they have returned back to the company, they are detailed and cleaned out in preparation for the next client.

You should call the airport car service information desk to ensure the right car will be waiting for you upon landing. The last thing you need to deal with is crying children who are desperate to leave the airport and there are no cars large enough to fit you all.

2. Do Drivers Have Background Checks?

Before you choose just any airport car service, make sure to ask for details about the drivers who are employed there.

You need to verify that the drivers are DOT certified, pass criminal background checks, and uninformed, carry identification and pass random drug testing.

Drivers who meet all of these high standards are capable of providing you with the best customer service, and the company should have no problem if you ask questions pertaining to certifications and background checks.

3. Will My Child Have a Car Seat?

Car service companies found through the airport can accommodate for families arriving with small children. Of course, it’s best to inquire about these additional needs prior to your visit.

Check the website for the company to see what their rules are about children. Sometimes the company will let children under the age of three years old travel for free.

Car seats and booster seats are a necessity for your small children, and the car service ought to provide you with the right one to safely transport you all to your hotel.

4. Does the Car Service Company Offer Any Discounts?

If you happen to be a student, chances are a discount is possible for you. Usually, the student discount will provide you with 10% off your service.

At places like JFK car service, you can qualify for a web-only 5% off discount, too.

You can participate in flat rate shuttle services to split with family and friends. At $40-$55, the cost covers unpredictability from traveling in a large bustling city. The flat rate allows you to forget about traffic and time constraints as you make two or more stops along the way.

Choose the Best Car Service

Leave your car at home and enjoy your trip as you use reputable car service companies upon your arrival at the airport.

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