Top 5 Weight Loss Programs for Men

Losing weight and keeping it off requires a change in lifestyle.

Eating a healthy diet is a big part of that change. But what is the best diet for a man to lose weight?

Keep reading to see our recommended weight loss programs for men.

The Best Weight Loss Programs For Men

There is a general consensus on what makes a healthy diet for a man. The basics include lean meats, micronutrients, low levels of saturated fats, limiting junk and fast food and making sure to eat lots of leafy green vegetables. It’s also important to get enough exercise every week.

Once you’re past the basics though there are lots of approaches to fulfilling these needs. Here are five of the best diets we’ve picked out.

1. Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH)

The DASH diet is used to both lose weight and try to lower high blood pressure and promote heart health. It encourages you to eat the foods that you’ve traditionally been told are healthy. The foods to focus on include:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Lean protein
  • Whole Grain
  • Low-Fat Dairy

It’s a good overall diet, asking you to avoid only things like junk food and high levels of red meat.

2. Weight Watchers Diet

Weight Watchers has been in the diet game since the 1960’s and has helped millions of men and women lose weight. They use a point based system to measure out your day-to-day diet.

Weight Watchers is famous for their meetings as well. These help keep people accountable to their goals and create a sense of community around losing weight and keeping it off.

You can eat anything you want with Weight Watchers as long as you don’t go over your daily allowance of points. Some food items are considered zero points and can be eaten as snacks whenever you like.

3. Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic or Keto diet uses the process of ketosis to help the body burn fat instead of storing it. When you eat foods with lots of carbohydrates your body converts them into glucose using insulin. This prevents your body from using the fats you consume as energy.

Keto requires you to eat a high-fat low-carb diet. Once your body has entered the ketogenic state it burns calories as energy rather than carbohydrates, encouraging fat loss overall.

There are several great ways to get started on the Keto diet, including keto food delivery and meal plan generators.

4. Nutrisystem for Men

Nutrisystem is a commercial weight loss program that takes the guesswork and portioning out of the equation. Every week meals and snacks are shipped to your home. As long as you follow the instructions and only consume what is sent to you the weight will start to melt off.

This one’s great if you don’t want to worry about measuring out food or if you’re worried your willpower won’t hold out.

5. Flexitarian Diet

The Flexitarian diet is kind of like vegetarianism light. Its focus is on reducing the overall consumption of animal protein in favor of things like beans, lentils, and other plant proteins. Like most of the other diets on the list, it recommends eating lots of leafy vegetables and limiting junk food consumption.

Portion control is also a big part of the Flexitarian diet, with a 3-4-5 approach taken for meals. Breakfast is 300 calories, lunch 400 and dinner is 500. With the addition of two 150 calorie snacks, you’ve got a fairly healthy days food supply.

Choose What Works for You

The best diet in the world is useless if you don’t follow it. It’s most important that you choose weight loss programs for men that aren’t so restrictive you give up entirely.

Didn’t see anything that sounded like you? Get a complete diet plan created for you by picking a local nutritionist.

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