DIY vs. Hiring a Painting Service: What’s Right for You?

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for your home.

If you are planning to sell your house it adds curb appeal. This can increase your asking price by as much as 5%.

If you intend to stay put, a paint job will give your humble abode a new lease on life and can give you a chance to indulge your interior decorating desires.

Painting your house inside and out is always a good idea. The question is whether to get a painting service to assist you or to do it yourself.

Let’s take a look at both options to see what they’ve got going for them.

Why DIY?

The only good reason to attempt to paint your house yourself is that it will cost you less. A DIY paint job can cost thousands of dollars less than getting a painting service in. That is if you get it right first time.

When all goes well, painting your house yourself can be a rewarding task. There’s the satisfaction of saying that you did it yourself and that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from a job well done.

Drawbacks of DIY Painting

If time is a precious commodity for you, you are better off getting a painting service to help you paint your house.

Otherwise, you can expect to spend many more weekends than you planned with paintbrush or roller in hand.

How much is your free time worth to you? You can hire a professional paint service like Rise Painting for as little as $599 a day.

Have you thought about painting the ceilings? This is difficult, back-wrenching work and can be dangerous if you aren’t a master ladder handler. Did you know over 90,000 people are treated for ladder-related injuries every year?

Nobody wants to paint ceilings.

The novelty of painting wears off quickly and you are bound to get bored with it. Your initial enthusiasm will wane along with the quality of your work.

When it comes to exterior painting, this is even more so. An exterior paint job requires careful, tedious surface preparation. In these cases, the boredom could set in before you’ve even cracked open a tin of paint.

Some things are best left to the experts. Especially the parts that aren’t that much fun.

Hiring a Painting Service Has So Much Going For It

Apart from avoiding difficult and boring tasks, there are several important benefits to hiring a professional painting service.

The first and most obvious reason is speed and efficiency, but there may be a few more that you haven’t thought of.

Experience Counts

Anyone can tell the difference between a professional paint job and a DIY disaster. However, even if you do a great job, your best efforts will never be able to match the careful work of a seasoned pro.

You can’t master the skill built up with many years of experience, no matter how many YouTube videos you watch.

Specialized Equipment

A professional painting service has all the tools to make the best of any situation.

Apart from the latest safety gear, ladders, and brushes, expert painters have a range of other tools in their armory.

Sprayers and paint applicators make fast work of large areas and do a better job than the most skilled handyman. This gives you a better outcome in a fraction of the time.

Better Prepared

We’ve already touched on how laborious preparing surfaces for painting can be.

Poor preparation also affects the final outcome of your paint job. Surfaces that aren’t prepared correctly will cause your paint to flake and peel off the walls.

Accidents Happen

If you accidentally spill paint on your Persian rug, that qualifies as a disaster. If a reputable painting company does, it’s not a problem.

Painting services have insurance in place to cover all kinds of mishaps related to their work.

While a professional service is unlikely to damage your property or possessions, you will be compensated quickly if that is the case.

Likewise, all safety matters related to painting are covered when you hire a professional painting service. All you have to worry about is asking for proof of all the required insurance when you hire them.

Cleaning Up

On the topic of spills, do you enjoy wiping up paint and cleaning paintbrushes?

Didn’t think so.

When you hire a team of experts to paint your house, inside or out, any mess is not your problem. When they leave at the end of the day, your house will be just as they found it – only with a better paint job.

A painting service will dispose of any waste materials effectively and in accordance with local legal requirements.

Paint Techniques

No matter how much you practice, chances are you won’t be able to duplicate that gorgeous paint technique you saw in your favorite interior design magazine.

Experienced painters are well aware of all the latest trends in the business and will be able to create just the effect you want.

They will also be able to tell you if your ideas are likely to date your property over time. They will warn you in advance if your chosen color scheme may put potential buyers off.

Less Stress

A reputable painting service takes all the stress out of painting your house.

You needn’t worry about the job taking longer than expected or running out of paint halfway through.

What Does it Really Cost to Hire a Painting Contractor?

There are many things to take into account when working out the cost of painting your house.

A good contractor could even help you to plan the work in stages so that you don’t have to outlay the whole amount at once.

The writing’s on the wall. The best thing you can do about your upcoming house painting is to get in touch and arrange for an estimator to cost your project before you do anything else.

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