Digital Marketing and Dentistry: How to Shine

Back in the 1960s, if a dentist wanted to open up a new practice, they’d simply put an ad in the Yellow Pages. Since there were fewer dentists back then, often, there was little to no competition.

However, the number of dentists in 1960 was just over 900,000. Since then it’s increased 127%. Fortunately for the dental industry, marketing and technology have also increased since then.

Digital marketing and dentistry work well together because it helps patients get a better view of the dentist and what his or her practice has to offer. Here’s how to make marketing work for your practice.

You Get More Bang for your Buck

Yes, it’s still possible to put your practice in the Yellow Pages. Of course, most people don’t actually have a tangible copy anymore. And most people would do a Google search before they head to the Yellow Pages online.

Which is great. That’s because digital marketing and dentistry are a perfect combination. By promoting your practice online, you’re actually able to get more bang for your buck than traditional methods of advertising.

If you advertise on the radio, you’re paying for people to listen to an ad for a service they may not need. You can also only create one ad and if it doesn’t work, there’s usually no way to fix it.

However, when you combine digital marketing and dentistry, you have a whole bunch of options at your fingertips. You can place ads in multiple places. You can also target only those people who are most likely to become a patient.

You can also alter any digital marketing efforts if there are any problems. Lastly, you’ll be able to quickly see which ads are working and which methods aren’t by checking out your results in real time.

Make Your Site Mobile Ready

Making your dental website mobile ready is a no-brainer. Yet, many practices still haven’t. Over 80% of all consumers do an online search before they buy something. That’s usually done with their mobile phone.

You’ll also be able to adapt your website to match any type of screen that someone is using. Be that smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Don’t forget that having a mobile site actually increases your SEO.

That’s because Google loves mobile-friendly sites and will favor such sites when delivering search results.

The Role of Testimonials in Digital Marketing and Dentistry

Most people don’t look forward to visiting the dentist. Even if they have perfect teeth, that doesn’t always mean someone is comfortable having their mouth worked on. There’s a lot of trust that needs to be built up between dentist and patient.

Businesses of any sort rely on trust. But with dentistry, trust is the most important element. Your patients want to know you’ll be gentle with them. They also want to know that you’re ethical and care more about their wellbeing than your wallet.

Testimonials are where digital marketing and dentistry shine.

How to Use Video for your Practice

Making the most out of video should be something every practice incorporates into their marketing efforts. While testimonials will go far, most patients would love to see their dentist in action.

They want to know who your team is. They want to feel a connection with you. Creating videos is the perfect way to do that. Digital marketing and dentistry work perfectly together when it comes to video.

You can create how-to videos such as how to brush your teeth properly. You can do a live video and answer questions from people.

You can create a funny video that features your team and shows how much fun going to the dentist can be. You can also just create a video that provides a tour of an exam room and all the instruments in it.

Be creative. People love watching videos and they’re extremely shareable.

Always Be Creating Great Content

Content will always be king for every industry. When combining digital marketing and dentistry, it’s all about providing great content.

There are plenty of topics to write about. Subject matters like dealing with a fearful patient or just writing about often asked topics are great ideas to include on your website or a blog.

You can also have people write guest blogs for you like Ross Family Dentistry has done. Don’t be afraid to start writing your own blog. Even if you’re not a writer, you can easily outsource one to write great content for you.

The key to writing great content is to write for the patient, not yourself. It doesn’t need to be complicated or long. It really only needs to provide interesting information and done in a consistent manner.

Get Social

A big part of your digital marketing and dentistry strategy should be from social media. Facebook alone has more than 2.07 active monthly users.

It’s also extremely easy to find your target audience using social media. You can choose from gender, income, geographical location, and even interests. It’s also inexpensive to create ads on social media. You can spend as little as $1 per day advertising on Facebook.

Make sure your website has social media buttons so people can share your content easily with their followers. Post at least once a day on the social media sites you choose.

Share photos, frequently asked questions, and even something silly that happened. Don’t forget to actively connect with your followers and answer any questions or concerns they have ASAP.

Focus on Automation

Automation, digital marketing, and dentistry should all be combined. You are running a busy practice. You’re also a professional dentist, rather than a marketing professional.

Automating your marketing efforts means you can set most of it up and then almost forget about it. You don’t have to waste hours on social media, you can merely set up what you want to send out a week in advance and trust that the right people will see it.

You’ll also have access to all the stats and information you need to see how well your current marketing campaigns are doing. That allows you the ability to make changes quickly.

Keep Learning

Both digital marketing and dentistry are constantly changing for the better. That’s because the right people are continuing to learn the newest techniques.

We’re committed to helping businesses grow their online presence. Keep coming back to learn more about marketing and promotion.

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