Custom Built: How to Build a Sexy Home

Your home is your sanctuary, a place for privacy, self-expression, and entertainment. It just so happens that all of these things go hand-in-hand with romance and intimacy.

Whether you’re a bachelor looking to lure more partners in bed or a couple looking to spice things up: a sexy home is a fun home.

People don’t normally look at homes as sexy, but essentially everyone could stand to benefit from the traits that make one sexy. The textures, colors, boldness, softness, warmness, utility, and interactions that go into these traits will please the senses.

Just follow our simple guide to building a sexier home. You and your lover will be thanking the man in the sky for it later.

Mood for a Sexy Home

All the fancy furnishings and interior fixtures will be for naught if you don’t pay special attention to the ambiance.

A sexy home is a happy home, one full of life. What better way to express this than with blossoming flowers and lush plants. You won’t need to be a green thumb, just focus on resilient indoor plants.

Next, start thinking about colors and schemes–before you buy that leather couch and chair combo. You should be looking for warm tones and solid colors. For a bit more feminine touch, you can throw in some checkered patterns, tribal designs, and gradients.

Now, the last, but probably the most impactful method for creating a sexy mood in the home will be scents. You want to have lingering hints of smells, not a cloud of incense burning. In fact, go for oil diffusers with essential oils, instead.

Burning candles and incense always create a little smoke that can cause irritation with people who have sensitive noses and lungs.

Bedroom Sexiness

Taking the above mood-setting tips and applying them to the bedroom is a no-brainer. After you’ve envisioned your color/texture scheme, start thinking about personal expression. The bedroom is an extension of you.

Don’t just focus on clean, spacious, and undisturbed looks of a perfect bedroom. Accessorize, personalize, and make your bedroom hug your guests. This means, for the sexy home, have at least one giant mirror for those who like to watch.

Install a stripper pole, if you have the floor space. This will obviously impress and transform your love life, for both new and old lovers. Just be careful when installing it. You may want to find a professional contractor who can handle the job.

The place where all the magic happens should also be pretty fricking awesome. Your bed is an investment for your health and your love life, so make sure it hugs the body and takes the load off your pressure points.

Bathroom Unwinding

The quickest way to kill the sexy in your sexy home is for someone to walk into your bathroom and feel like they just entered a prison cell. Let’s face it, most bathrooms are boring, cold, dreadful places to spend time in.

Change the whole experience of being in the bathroom by highlighting with jewel tones, marbles, matte finishes, and chrome accents. Another nice touch is to completely redo the tile and extend it to the outer walls.

Just look at the beautiful bathrooms at Higgason Construction for some ideas. They make tilework look very attractive.

Romantic works of art work great inside bathrooms, too. You can just place it safe with an abstract oil or pastel painting that uses rich textures and warm color pallets (pinks and purples, primarily).

Playing with Fire

Your kitchen is going to be what seals the deal on your new sexy home design. Appliances are pretty sexy in their own right, so even if you can’t afford an entire renovation, you can spice things up.

Which appliances are considered sexy, you might say? Well, everyone loves a nice, modern aluminum fridge, stove, and dishwasher. If you’re really looking to impress get an espresso machine.

Pay special attention to the black matte, aka black stainless, models out there. These are excellent highlight pieces that go with most kitchen decor.

For those with a healthier budget, go for mahogany cabinets, slate countertops, mosaic tile backsplashes, bamboo flooring, and elegant chandeliers.

Entertainment and Chill

What’s sexy about a home with a small couch, a coffee table, and a standard HDTV with a Netflix account? Not much. Use this as an opportunity to think about the theater experience in your living room.

Put your old TV on OfferUp or Let Go, go out and buy a nice 4K set with at least a sound bar, then look at your lighting setup. Don’t have one? Take yourself to Ikea.

Show the employees pictures of your setup when you’re trying to plan your new space. They have plenty of knowledge and experience, certainly more than you do unless you’re somehow an interior decorator.

Once you have your idea lighting, sound, picture, and mood set up, the living room will open up. New visitors will notice things a lot more than you do because you simply plop on the couch without looking at your surroundings.

Never underestimate the power of a home theater, a nice leather couch, soft blankets, and body heat. That’s therapy.

Plan the Perfect Dream Home

Well, there you have it. An easy-to-follow guide on how to transform your home into a sexier, better, new, and improved version. It’s nice to update things every couple of years to avoid things getting stale.

This is pretty much the key to living a long and healthy love life, too. Just make sure you plan things carefully and don’t decide everything in 10 seconds because it looks or sounds cool.

This is also a good time to research any remodeling projects you plan on doing and finding a good handyman you can trust.

There’s plenty of great information in our database that you can use to find any service or business to help you bring your ideas to fruition. Just browse by category, state, or type of business.

Everything you could ever need is in one convenient place.

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