4 Mountain Biking Protective Gear You Need

Mountain biking is a serious hobby, and it requires the proper gear and equipment to have a safe time in the woods or a mountain biking park.

How much more fun is it when you are well-protected? How can your mountain biking adventures be even more fun when you ensure your safety?

From full leather mountain biking suits to mountain biking helmets and shoes, there is no room to be cheap when it comes to your safety while mountain biking.

If you want to know the mountain biking protective gear you need, keep reading this article.


Mountain biking is a great way to get outdoors and explore new trails, but it’s important to always wear the proper protective gear for mountain biking. This includes a helmet, which is the most important piece of safety equipment for any cyclist.

A good mountain bike helmet will have a sturdy shell, comfortable padding, and proper ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable on long rides. There should also be a visor to protect your eyes from the sun and debris, and a secure fit is essential to keep it from coming off in a crash. 

Goggles and Glasses 

Mountain biking essentials gear should always include glasses or goggles. The wind and debris can be hazardous to your eyes and vision.

Choose a pair that fits and is comfortable to wear. Look for a style that suits your needs after you read more about these items.


Before you hit the trails, be sure you’re protected with gloves designed for mountain biking. Gloves protect your hands from the elements, from wind and sunburn on hot days to cold and moisture on colder days.

They also protect your hands from the constant vibrations of the bike, which can lead to numbness and pain. Besides, gloves give you a better grip on the handlebars, which can help you keep control of the bike on slippery or rocky terrain.

Shoes and Pads

Shoes should be made of durable materials that can resist abrasion and provide good traction. They may also include features such as toe guards and heel cups to protect your feet further.

Wearing protective gear, such as pads, can help reduce the risk of injury. Pads can help protect your knees, elbows, and hips from impact in the event of a fall. While they won’t prevent all injuries, they can help reduce their severity.

Gear Up

Mountain biking is an exhilarating sport that comes with its own set of risks. To cut those risks, it’s important to gear up with a helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads, and mountain biking shoes. By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy the sport while staying safe.

Mountain biking is a great way to get out and explore the trails. Yet, it is important to remember to wear the proper protective gear to help avoid injuries. GEAR UP has a great selection of mountain biking gear to help keep you safe on the trails. So, get out there and start exploring.

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