5 Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color

The best kitchen cabinet paint color can be hard to find. There are so many color options out there, not only for your kitchen but also for cabinets specifically.

You want to make sure you get the right color, especially if you have a specific vision in mind for your kitchen. If a kitchen re-design is in your future, many find that painting is the easiest makeover you can do, it can leave your kitchen feeling brand new!

Are you hoping to spice up your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint? If so, read on for some tips on how to find the best kitchen cabinet paint color that you love!

1. Consider the Overall Style of Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are often the first thing people notice when they walk into a kitchen, so it’s important to choose a paint color that compliments the overall style of the space.

If your kitchen has a modern aesthetic, opt for a sleek, high-gloss paint color. For a more traditional look, select a warm, woodsy shade. If you’re not sure which direction to go, consult with a professional designer or paint specialist. 

2. Determine If You Want a Bold or Subtle Look

If you’re not sure if you want a bold or subtle look for your kitchen cabinet paint color, consider the overall theme and style of your kitchen. If your kitchen has a lot of color and personality, a muted paint color may be the best way to go.

On the other hand, if your kitchen is more subdued, a bolder color will add some life to the space.

If you’re still stuck, ask a friend or family member for their opinion, or consult a professional for help in choosing the best kitchen cabinet paint color for your home. View these services and let the experts do the job of painting kitchen cabinets.

3. Consider the Undertones of the Paint Colors

It’s important to think about the undertone of a paint color before choosing it for your kitchen cabinets. A paint color’s undertone is either warm or cool, and this can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

If you’re not sure which undertone to choose, some tips to keep in mind are to go with a warm undertone if you want a cozy feel in your kitchen or a cool undertone if you’re going for a more modern look.

4. Sample the Paint Colors in Your Kitchen

To ensure you choose the best paint color for your kitchen cabinets, it’s important to sample the colors in your kitchen first. To do this, simply paint a small section of your cabinets with a few different colors and see how they look in the space.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s then a matter of choosing the right shade of each color. 

5. Trust Your Gut When Choosing the Paint Color

The best way to choose a color for kitchen cabinets is to trust your gut. If you have a certain color in mind, go for it! There are so many beautiful colors out there, and you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. 

Choose Your Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Now

When choosing a kitchen cabinet paint color, the usual colors are either white or neutral shades.

However, if you want a pop of color, then you can go for a bolder hue. Whichever color you choose, make sure that it goes well with the rest of the kitchen design.

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