5 Ways to Make Suburban Homes More Sustainable

Are you ready to make your house greener, conserve energy and water, reduce waste and add years to your life?

The first step is knowing how to make your suburban homes more sustainable without hurting their curb appeal. This can be a delicate balance, as an eco-friendly home can enliven your street and make it stand out.

Below, we list five ways to embrace green principles while still maintaining a classic suburban look of your home.

Let’s get started!

1. Consider a Green Roof

Green roofs can help to reduce energy costs, as they act as insulation for the home. They also help to improve air quality and reduce stormwater runoff. Additionally, green roofs can provide a habitat for wildlife and are one of the best ways to achieve a greener home.

2. Consider Solar Energy Source

One way to make your home more sustainable is to install solar panels. Solar panels can generate electricity for your home, reducing your reliance on fossil fuels. Solar panels can be expensive to install, but there are several financial incentives available to help offset the cost.

If you are considering the use of solar as your energy source, you may want to check this solar company. Make sure that the services offered will come with rates that won’t break the bank but with a warranty.

3. Make Use of Recyclable Materials

One way to make suburban homes more sustainable is to make use of recyclable materials. Recycling can help to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills each year. Additionally, recycled materials can be used to create new products, which reduces the need for virgin materials.

4. Use LED Lights

There are many reasons to switch to LED lights in your home. They are more energy efficient when com pared to traditional incandescent bulbs, they last longer, and they emit less heat. LEDs are also more versatile than incandescent bulbs and can be used in a variety of fixtures.

You can find LED bulbs in different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can even find them in different color temperatures to create the perfect light for any room in your home.

5. Use Appliances That Are Energy Efficient

Many people are interested in making their suburban homes more sustainable and one way to do that is to use appliances that are energy efficient. Energy efficient appliances can help reduce your energy costs and also help to protect the environment. There are a few things to consider when choosing energy efficient appliances.

Make sure that the appliance is certified by the Energy Star program. You want to compare the annual operating cost of the appliance. You also want to look for appliances that have features that can help reduce your energy consumption.

Suburban Homes Can Be More Sustainable

If you’re looking to make your home more sustainable, start in the suburbs. Suburban homes can be more sustainable than city homes, thanks to their larger yards and proximity to nature.

Plus, there are plenty of ways to make your suburban home more sustainable, from solar panels to rain barrels. So if you’re ready to make your home more sustainable, start in the suburbs.

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