The Top 5 Professional Locksmith Tools to Own

There are over 16,000 car and home lockouts in the US every day.

Having to open a lock without a key is no small task. Fortunately, there’s a range of professional locksmith tools you can get to help you. Note that it’s generally better to hire a professional, but in a tight situation, you might benefit from having some of these tools to hand.

For a rundown of 5 essential locksmith tools you should own, keep reading.

1. Scope

A handheld scope is ideal when trying to pick a lock in a tight space. They’re also one of the most useful lock-picking tools when working with small parts. No professional locksmith should be without one of these.

You can better judge small adjustments to make sure you’ve done things right. A scope is an ideal piece of kit for a mobile or car locksmith.

2. Rake

There are various types of rakes available with different capabilities. They’re used in a rocking motion within a lock to imitate the bitting on a key. A Bogota rake is easy to use, making it a popular choice for beginners.

Not all locks will accommodate a rake, but it’s still a very useful tool to have whether you’re just learning how to pick locks, or running a locksmith business.

3. Key Extractor

Any mobile locksmith should have one of these in their toolkit, as they come in handy fairly often. When someone breaks a key inside a lock, a key extractor makes it much easier to get out.

Without one of these, it’s sometimes almost impossible to remove a broken key, even with other locksmith tools on hand. Without being able to remove a key, the only other solution would be to replace the entire lock, which generally isn’t ideal.

4. Tension Wrench

A tension wrench isn’t always necessary for lockpicking, but it can make things much less difficult. For some locks, you need to be incredibly steady, and if you slip up, you might have to start from the beginning. A tension wrench can help prevent any unwanted movement, making things much easier for any locksmith.

5. Lock Pick Gun

A lock pick gun is another tool that can make a locksmith’s job easier. It does the same job as a lock pick but at a much faster rate. They take a bit of training to use but are safe for the lock, and modern options have features such as adjustable needle height and ergonomic designs.

Using Professional Locksmith Tools

No matter how many professional locksmith tools you have, it still takes some skill to use them. If you’re inexperienced or are dealing with difficult locks, it’s often a better idea to contact a professional locksmith. They’ll make sure everything is done safely and efficiently, and might even be able to give you some advice about dealing with specific locks.

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