How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From You at Night

Along with just being annoying, mosquitoes can spread several diseases throughout America. These include West Nile Virus, St. Louis Encephalitis, and many more. Abroad, they can spread several deadly diseases such as malaria. 

Therefore, if you learn how to keep mosquitoes away, you won’t just get a peaceful night’s sleep. You may also save your own life. Read on to learn some mosquito repelling techniques. 

Buy a Mosquito Net

A mosquito net is an effective tool to prevent mosquito bites. After purchasing, you hang it above your bed so that there’s a sizable gap between the edge of the net and your skin. The mosquitoes cannot fly through the net to bite you. 

These products are not common in America. However, if mosquitoes concern you, there are several companies that will ship nets worldwide. 

Use Mosquito Repellents

There are two kinds of mosquito repellent that prevent mosquitoes from getting close to you. The first is a spray that you can apply to your skin. The second is a kind you can spray around an outdoor area. 

It’s best to not use the former and latter forms interchangeably. Certain bug repellents used around outdoor or indoor areas can be toxic. 

Wear Appropriate Clothing 

If you wear clothing that covers up much of your skin, you’ll get fewer mosquito bites on your skin.

This can be hard to do in the summer. However, wearing lighter colors can help you stay cool. As an added bonus, lighter colors repel mosquitoes as well. 

Turn On Your Fan 

If you’re still too hot, don’t be afraid to turn on your fan. Along with making you cooler, this can make it difficult for mosquitos to fly around your room. 

In addition, mosquitos are attracted to the carbon monoxide you exhale. The fan will keep this gas and the mosquitoes away from you. 

Reinforce Your Windows 

Having screens on your window will prevent mosquitoes and other insects from invading your home. There are several ways that you can get these installed. You can buy pre-made frames, build your own frames, or hire a professional to install them on your windows. 

If this method is too expensive for you, consider spraying mosquito repellents around the edges of your window. You can also place and/or hang geraniol or citronella candles on your windowsill. Once you light them, the mosquitoes should leave you alone. 

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Unfortunately, most of these prevention tools have a price tag. If you feel hesitant at any prices, remind yourself that you’re preventing yourself from receiving a larger bill in the future. A hospital bill is a lot more than the cost of a mosquito net. 

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