5 Common Garage Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Around 65% of new homes now offer a two-car garage or carport. This can be vital added space in a climate where housing prices are rising steeply. When you have the land but need a garage building, do you know where to begin?

If not, then we can assist. Read on as we discuss the common garage building mistakes you must avoid. 

1. Not Knowing Its Use When Planning

When it comes to planning your garage, you need to know what its use will be. If not, it may end up being the wrong shape or material, or may not utilize space efficiently. 

Imagine you need it to keep your car in it, but make it too small to fit the vehicle in or gain access to. You may need a small workshop, but make it so small you can’t keep tools and workbenches in. 

Keep this in mind to help with the planning of the home garage design. You may need doors, windows, or customized sizes. 

2. Doing It Yourself

With a small structure, it may seem tempting to attempt a build yourself. Yet even in a garage that does not need utilities added, you need a special set of skills and garage building equipment. Even steel garage buildings that arrive in pre-cut kits need a certain build quality. 

Make sure you hire a professional to construct it for you. A botched job can end up costing you far more and increasing your garage building budget.

3. Not Considering Extra Storage

Even if you are sure about the use of your garage building, the extra storage will always come in handy. For housing car parts, tools or just items you cant keep in your house it will be a benefit. Always add extra storage even if you don’t need it when you plan the design. 

4. Underestimating the Build Time

Even with the right skills and equipment, building a garage is a big job. If you want electricity, doors, or want to install garage windows, it takes even longer. Don’t expect the project to be done quickly. 

If you are doing it yourself, always have extra pairs of hands to help. This should increase the build time. Leave plenty of time if you need it ready for a certain date. 

5. Not Getting a Permit

Wherever you are located, you will likely need a building permit for any permanent structure. Many areas have strict regulations and codes about the type of structures that can be built.

Make sure you research before you buy or design the garage. It may be restricted to certain colors, shapes, or sizes. Applying after the build may result in fines or the structure being pulled down. 

Avoiding Common Garage Building Mistakes

Now you know the common garage building mistakes you can set about planning. Allow plenty of time and know what you want. If you don’t have prior experience, then get a professional to help. 

When improving your property, we should be your first stop. From DIY to maintenance, we can help get the perfect look for your home in the coming year.