How to Create a Kids Bedroom Your Children Will Love

When it comes to designing most of the spaces in our home, we’re generally going for a certain look that doesn’t always scream “kids run this house!”. But it’s important to make sure your kids have a place of their own in the home and their bedroom is a perfect place for that kind of expression. 

Designing a kids’ bedroom can be a completely different experience than any other space in the house. The same rules don’t apply there and you can have a lot more fun showing off that creativity in full force. 

For those struggling with finding the balance of making sure a room looks good but also functions well for a kid, check out these tips and tricks to get you on the right track! 

Bring in the Color

For most homes, the main living areas aren’t typically full of a lot of bright colors but that’s exactly what you want in a kids’ room. 

Color brings emotions so you should carefully choose colors that evoke those positive emotions you want out of your kids’ room. It doesn’t have to be a basic primary color either. You can choose a variation of their favorite color that still fits within your design aesthetic, making you both happy. 

Add a Wall Mural 

An even easier way to bring more color and fun to the kids’ bedroom design is adding a wall mural. These full-coverage designs help create a theme throughout the space and can boost creativity for your child. View these bedroom wall murals to get some inspiration for your space. 

Designate an Area for Play

The most important thing for kids is playing, so don’t forget to create a space where they can do just that without the worry of ruining the room. 

Designating specific areas for their favorite toys or activities can help promote better, deeper play in your child. They will know when they go into the space they can enjoy themselves with all their favorite things. 

Keep it Whimsical 

Sometimes we adults take design too seriously and that can make things feel stiff and stuffy. This is the biggest mistake we can make when thinking about how to design a kids’ bedroom. 

The best kids’ bedrooms are the ones that feel whimsical and fun from the very moment you walk in. Kids are only little once, so take advantage of the opportunity to add some fun, unexpected elements to the design plan. 

Create an Amazing Kids’ Bedroom

Creating an amazing kids’ bedroom is the perfect way to make your kids feel special and like they have ownership over something. It doesn’t mean that the room has to look like the toy aisle threw up, it can still feel put together and well-designed. 

Taking some inspiration from the things your kids love you can turn the room into an exciting, fun place they want to be. They’ll feel loved and seen when you put the effort in to make a space you both can enjoy. The effort to make your home match your style and personality are always worth it!

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