Best Way to Wash Your Car and Get That Showroom Shine

The American love affair with the automobile might have had a rocky beginning, but it’s very real in the here and now. Yet, for all of that love, many people look at the showroom shine of some vehicles and feel a surge of annoyance.

It’s not that the shine on those other cars actually bothers them, but frustration that they can’t get their own vehicle looking that way. take comfort in the idea that you’re not alone if you feel that same way.

So, the real question becomes, “What is the best way to wash a car and achieve that showroom shine?” Keep reading for some key car washing tips.

Rinse First

Every car accumulates some road dust through regular driving. While you can knock it all off with a rinse, you can get rid of some of it. Everything the rinse removes is something you don’t have to worry about in the actual washing phase.

Top Down

When considering the best way to wash a car at home and the best way to wash a car by hand, always start at the top. That lets gravity help you out by dragging dirty water and loose grime downwards.

Make sure that you approach the cleaning the right way. You need a wash bucket with a vehicle-specific cleaner mixed in. You also need a rinse bucket.

Get a car cleaning mitt or similar cleaning tool. Rinse the mitt frequently.

Don’t be afraid to rinse the soap off the sections of the car as you finish them.


The next step in the car cleaning process is drying. Find yourself some good microfiber towels for drying the car off. Microfiber is less likely to scratch the paint.

As you dry, use the towel to blot up the water. Don’t try to rub the vehicle dry. This is one of the secrets that help you avoid scratches.


The final step in getting that showroom shine on your car with an at-home wash is the waxing phase. There are many wax options available, but you should always follow the instruction exactly. Apply the wax as soon as you are sure the car is dry.

Get a Pro

If that all sounds like a lot of work, you can always go with the professional option. Car detailing services will often come to your home or even your job to clean and wax your vehicle. If you live in Franklin, TN, you can get car detailing services here.

Picking the Best Way to Wash a Car

A lot of people think of the at-home wash and wax as the single best way to wash a car for a showroom shine. You can get that showroom shine at home, but it’s a work-intensive process. You must also follow the cleaner and wax instructions carefully.

If you’re not so big on the DIY approach, a car detailing service is probably the way to go. They’ll come to you and bring a lot of experience to the table with them.

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