What Are the Different Types of Bacon That Exist Today?

The United States produces a massive 2 billion pounds of bacon every year. It’s one of the most popular items in the meat industry, particularly at the breakfast table. 

If you’re trying to find the best bacon available, you need to research your options. We’re happy to help you out with your decision. 

Keep reading so that you can learn more about some of the most intriguing types of bacon that you can eat. 

Bacon Made From Various Types of Meat

Pork is the most common type of bacon that people enjoy. It’s virtually synonymous with the pig, and you’ll see cartoon pigs on plenty of bacon packages all over. It has a savory flavor and is typically salt-cured. 

Here are some of the different cuts of pork bacon that are popular:

  • Back cut bacon
  • Jowl bacon
  • Collar bacon
  • Slab cut bacon

Beef bacon is also a popular option for people who want an alternative to pork. It comes from cows and is made with dried, salted meat that is cut into slices. People that are health conscious often turn to turkey bacon as an alternative. 

It’s smoked, cured, and sliced, and produces far less grease and fat than other types of bacon. It still offers lots of protein and several other nutrients that go well with any diet. 

Bacon From Different Regions

Bacon also varies based on a lot of different styles, typically made popular in different regions. The differences vary based on the part of the animal it comes from, the way that the bacon is cut, the preparation style, flavor, and a variety of other details. 

Here are some of the most popular regional types of bacon that you might try out:

  • Canadian bacon
  • Speck bacon, from European countries like Switzerland and Austria
  • Pancetta bacon from Italy that is made from pork belly
  • Gypsy bacon native to Hungary
  • Lardon back from France, which features cube-shaped bacon strips
  • Lap Yuk Chinese bacon made with combinations of sugar, cinnamon, and soy sauce
  • Peameal bacon from Toronto

Now that you know there are so many different regional bacon styles, you might want to collect some passport stamps so that you can try them all. 

Natural and Organic Bacon

If you’re particularly health-conscious, you might want to look into bacon that is free of nitrites, additives, and chemicals. Organic bacon will let you know that you’re putting the cleanest food in your body so that you can easily digest it. 

You can shop for natural bacon that will help you look after your health and wellness. Look for the best butcher available if you really want to find some healthy and exquisite cuts of bacon. 

Enjoy the Many Different Types of Bacon

Taking the time to eat different types of bacon will allow you to tickle your tastebuds while also trying different recipes. You can start with the points above to get the most out of your bacon love. 

Begin with these tips and read through our other posts related to food and delicious cuisine.