3 Tips for Creating Small Business Marketing Ideas on a Small Budget

Did you know 31.7 million small businesses operate in the United States?

As part of this group, budgeting can be a big challenge. It becomes more tedious when growing your online presence. For this reason, consider investing time and money in marketing.

What small business marketing ideas should you implement in your marketing campaigns? Continue reading below for three creative tips worth following.

1. Use Google My Business

Google is your friend when growing a business. One of Google’s most powerful tools you should use is Google My Business (GMB). It helps business owners manage and optimize their Business Profiles on Google.

Your Business Profile is your business listing users see when they search for your business on Google. Your listing appears in Google Maps and the local results of Google Search.

Creating a GMB account is free but with many benefits. If you’re running a local pizza parlor in New York, users who search for “pizza restaurants in New York” will see your Google Business Profile on the local search results.

Your profile already contains your complete address, contact number, and a link to your official website. Small businesses that used Google My Business increased the number of calls they received in 2020 by 61%.

A GMB account will also generate interaction with your customers. It comes with a feedback section where people can leave reviews. In turn, you can address complaints and improve on your weaknesses.

2. Create a Social Media Presence

Establish a social media presence to boost your marketing efforts. About 81% of Americans use YouTube, while 69% are active on Facebook. Instagram is another powerful platform if your audience is big on images.

They also use these platforms when doing their online shopping. Use your small budget wisely by focusing on one or two networks. Use Instagram when marketing to millennials and LinkedIn if your audience is CEOs and CFOs.

Maximize features like Instagram Stories to create buzz for your products. Use the right hashtags when posting on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Join social media groups on other online platforms like Reddit, Quora, and LinkedIn. These sites can connect you with people sharing common interests.

3. Focus On Content

Make sure content is king when creating small business marketing ideas. Your marketing strategy should involve relevant content to drive more web traffic.

Identify the right keywords for your marketing campaign. Websites like Moz, SEMrush, and UberSuggest can help your keyword search.

Develop relatable themes and scripts for your audience. Avoid hard-selling your product and be more sympathetic to your customers’ needs.

Do the same thing with your retail displays in your physical store. Invest in interactive retail display ideas with relevant messaging.

Learn More Beyond Small Business Marketing Ideas

Following these tips for creating small business marketing ideas will help maximize your small budget. You can develop marketing strategies that connect with the audience.

If you found this article helpful, we invite you to learn more. Check out our other blog posts for other relevant topics.