Why Your Business Needs Rapid 3D Prototyping

Have you heard of how 3D printing helped bridge the gap to the lack of medical equipment during the pandemic?

Universities, enthusiasts, and small companies joined forces to speed up the production of face shields. Their efforts prove to be fruitful, as they were able to provide aid to front liners.

Aside from medical applications, rapid 3D prototyping also has great implications for your business. This includes early detection of flaws and the reduction of costs.

There are a lot of reasons why your business needs rapid 3D prototyping. Read on to learn more!

Allows Early Detection of Flaws

The most excruciating part of product development is the testing and modification period. Here, you’ll need a lot of prototypes to help you gauge the flaws of your design.

With rapid 3D prototyping, you can create a lot of realistic and testable products in one go. Today, 3D prototyping machines can finely replicate the mechanical details of a product. This accuracy ensures comprehensive product testing and evaluation.

Hence, rapid prototyping allows you to thoroughly stimulate tests and pinpoint design flaws. As a result, you’ll be able to refine and perfect your product.

It’s Cheap and Easy to Operate

Gone are the days when only big companies can afford heavy 3D printers. Rapid technological advancement made it possible for 3D printers to become affordable.

They’re also now made more compact and convenient to use. Businesses can choose a specific 3D printer and get started right away. So long as you understand 3D printing and read the instruction material, you’re good to go.

Reduces Your Business Cost

Procuring the services of a prototyping company helps reduce business costs. Rapid 3D prototyping gives you control over your money. For one, it reduces fixture and machine costs.

Most products need a customized manufacturing tool such as an injection mold tool. Instead of buying this at an expensive price, you can print the part. This will save you hundreds, if not thousands, in the machine costs.

3D printers also give you the option to choose a cost-effective prototype solution. You can print your prototypes using a more cost-effective material for the first few tests. This will allow you to save money on the testing materials.

For example, you can print the prototype of a ceramic product in plastic for the first few rounds. When you’ve done all preliminary tests, you can then print it in its ceramic form for final modification.

Early detection of flaws saves you from losing money over defective items. You also won’t have to spend much on repairs, as you’ve refined the product to its best form.

Thus, it’s less likely for the product to malfunction. Even if there will be repairs, it will be to a minimum.

Further, manually creating molds takes time, which is money in the business world. Hence, by reducing the time it takes to create prototypes, your reducing the money you’re spending. You’re also giving you and your employees more time to focus on more important matters such as marketing.

Eases Modification Process

Having a realistic replica of your product in front of you allows you to increase your visual aid. This is extremely helpful when you’re reworking your product. You’ll be able to see the pitfalls of the product and determine how you can fix them.

Feedback is instant with rapid 3D prototyping. You can perform any test on the prototype to gather the data you need.

Procuring rapid 3D prototyping services from Prototech Asia will also aid you in exploring new ideas. You can remove and add changes as you want on the 3D prototype until you’re satisfied.

The visual aid will also be highly appreciated among your colleagues and investors. It’s easier to explain and share imaginative concepts when it’s right in front of your audience.

Gives Your Business a Marketing Edge

The 3D printing business isn’t only an aid to the modification and manufacturing of your product. It’s also helpful in the marketing aspect of your business.

Rapid 3D prototyping offers what video and image campaigns can’t: a chance to hold the product. Compared to simply looking and imagining how the products works, this marketing aspect of 3D prototypes is hard to match.

It’s not uncommon for consumers to receive less of what they’ve expected. Often, the color or size of the product isn’t as advertised. In some cases, the product doesn’t function as seamlessly as seen on advertisement videos.

This is why some consumers prefer to personally window shop rather than buy products from online stores. Many customers want to feel and test out the product before they make a purchase.

Rapid prototyping gives your business a marketing edge. You get to market products that your clients can feel and use.

This test drive-like approach is more attractive to consumers. It’ll help gain the trust of your consumers. As a result, your business sales will increase.

Moreover, customization is now achievable with rapid prototyping. Today’s 3D printers allow businesses to customize their products however they want. Thus, you can try 10 different customized products and test out the best option.

Leverage Rapid 3D Prototyping Today

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, did you know that the complexity of 3D printing is at its peak? 3D printing can now produce complex, delicate, and detailed structures of all forms. True to this, 3D prototyping is also used in printing delicate internal organs such as arteries and veins.

Incorporating this level of complexity in your business will significantly help your product. Hence, make sure to give rapid 3D prototyping a try and experience the benefits yourself.

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