Obvious Signs Your Fridge Needs Professional Fridge Repair

A refrigerator usually lasts anywhere between 10 and 20 years. It’s one of those appliances that keep your household operating and it can be frustrating when it’s on the fritz. So to avoid any mishaps, it’s important to be aware of the hints your refrigerator may be giving you about needed repairs.

Read on to find out the obvious signs that you need professional fridge repair.

Food Goes Bad Quickly

Beverages that take longer to get cold or produce going bad before their expiration is a sign that you need fridge repair service. These are indicators that the refrigerator is not maintaining adequate temperature control. This can also lead to a higher energy bill.

Iced Over Freezer

Another sign that there is a temperature control issue is when the freezer is iced over. While the freezer compartment should always be below freezing, it should not be a winter wonderland.

Try to defrost it and see if the issue happens again. If it does, be sure to contact a professional at DCC London for expert home fridge repair.

Loud Noises

There are several noises that are not normal for a refrigerator to make. Here are some common sounds and their causes:

  • Knocking, grinding, or scraping may be due to an obstructed condenser or evaporator fan
  • Buzzing, clicking, vibrating is often due to an issue with the icemaker
  • Rattling might be caused by the unit being too close to another surface or having a loose drain pan

Any noise that’s out of the ordinary should be addressed by a refrigerator repair technician.

Motor Never Stops Running

If you hear the motor running all the time, then you may need a repair. Unless you are opening and closing the door frequently, then the motor should stop at times.


Leaks need to be addressed immediately. Make a habit of checking the floor around your unit for pooling water. A leak can also present itself as ice on the back of the refrigerator.

Back Feels Hot

The back of the fridge is often warmer due to the motor working. However, if you notice excessive heat coming from the fridge then you’ll need to have a professional fridge repair technician take a look. This could be an issue with the coils or motor.

Excessive Condensation

Condensation in your fridge can be normal but an excessive amount could be a sign that there is a bigger issue. It often means that your appliance is having trouble cooling. Another cause could be that the rubber sealing that keeps the cold air in your fridge is worn out.

When You Need Professional Fridge Repair Services

It’s best to address any of these signs as soon as you possibly can. The refrigerator repair cost is usually far less than a total replacement. So, act quickly if you think you need fridge repair services.

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