What Are the Different Types of Tables That Exist Today?

If you’ve never given much thought to all the different types of tables that exist, then you’re not alone. But when you stop and consider it for a minute, you come to realize how many there actually are. In every room in the home (and outside of it as well) there are different types of tables.

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the most common types of tables and the characteristics that make them what they are. We’ll cover residential furniture from a variety of different rooms. Read on for everything you need to know!

Coffee Table

Ironically, coffee tables were originally used primarily for holding another hot and caffeinated beverage: tea. This style of table first rose to prominence in Victorian-era Britain.

At first, coffee tables were much higher than we know them today. However, when the style of sofas began to change, the dimensions of the coffee table did as well, and they became lower. Today, coffee tables come in a variety of different shapes and styles but are characterized by being relatively low to the ground and wide, and often occupy the space in front of the sofa in the living room.

Dining Table

Dining tables are one of the oldest and most fundamental pieces of furniture there is. This type of table was used by ancient civilizations, with different groups having their own distinct styles. Ancient Greeks, for example, used such tiny dining tables they stored them under their beds. 

The dining table as we in the west know it today came about during the emergence of European empires. Modern dining tables often have features such as custom table tops or adjustable tops, which can either lengthen or shorten the table, allowing for more people. The dining table is usually found in the dining room or sometimes in the kitchen, and is used for eating meals.

Bedside Table

Much like the other tables on this list, the bedside table (also known as a nightstand) has been around for many centuries. As long as people have slept in beds, there has been a need to have a surface nearby on which to store things within easy reach. One of the earliest iterations of the modern nightstand was the commode, a piece of furniture consisting of a surface with a closed cabinet to store a chamber pot.

Bedside tables are some of the most varied types of tables there are. Because they reside in the bedroom, there’s often a greater emphasis placed on their aesthetics. Bedside tables can be made of wood, plastic, marble, metal—the list goes on and on—and can feature shelves, drawers, or neither.

Writing Table

A writing table (also known as a desk, of course) is one of the more recent inventions when it comes to types of tables. They were first invented in the 1600s and had a sloping front into which the writing surface could open and close. Writing tables have evolved a lot since then, and today have been adjusted based on ergonomic principles for maximum comfort.

A Taste of Different Types of Tables

Of course, this list represents only a fraction of the types of tables there are. Tables are wonderful, useful pieces of furniture—and the best tables combine fashion and function to create something truly great. If you’re looking for more on interior design, you’ll find plenty of articles on our site.