Planning a Kitchen Remodel: 5 Basic Tips

Did you know that homeowners typically spend about $150 per square foot on kitchen remodels? Of course, carefully planning a kitchen remodel is key to staying in that price range.

Designing a kitchen isn’t always easy and can be overwhelming. Are you considering a kitchen renovation?

The following guide explains how to design a kitchen using five basic tips. Read on for kitchen ideas that will make planning simple.

1. Set Your Budget

Try to be realistic about the cost of your kitchen remodel. Renovations usually cost more than expected. So, add an extra 10 Р20 percent for unplanned expenses. It will prevent you from ending up with a half-finished kitchen! 

Remember to also include things like labor, taxes, and delivery costs. Consider if there are any tasks you can do yourself to save money.

2. Do Your Research

Research the different costs of kitchen items and decide what you need and what you can afford. Consider looking for used material rather than retail if your budget is tight.

Try to buy the best quality kitchen items that you can afford. Quality kitchen items are essential for everyday use and also great for adding resale value.

3. Layout Planning

Try to have at least three feet of countertop space for preparing food. There should be at least two feet on one side of the sink and one and a half feet on the other if possible.

Leave enough floor space in front of appliances so that doors can open properly. Think about the direction and depth of swinging doors like those on a refrigerator.

Leave enough space to move through walkways. For example, leave about three and a half feet between the counters and the island.

4. Find A Contractor

A general contractor should supply references to validate their good reputation. Make sure the contractor you hire uses the same subcontractors and labor consistently.

If possible, visit a job in progress to evaluate the contractor. This will help you determine quality, safety, and how clean the job site is.

The best contractors usually have a lot of clients lined up. Be prepared to wait for the best contractor possible.

5. Ask Questions

Ask plenty of questions during the project to maintain quality. Does your contractor always show up on time and are they there to supervise the subcontractors?

Did your contractor follow the scope of the job and cleanup plan as promised in your contract? Did they make any unauthorized changes to materials or other important details?

Is your project staying on or close to your intended budget? Did all of the building materials arrive on time? Also, make sure to maintain communication about progress, problems, and potential delays.

Start Planning A Kitchen Remodel

Now you know five tips for planning a kitchen remodel the right way. Set your budget and research material options and layouts. Select a qualified general contractor and don’t be afraid to ask questions as the job progresses.

Remember this guide and build the kitchen that you’ve always wanted! Check out our consumer resources section for more home repair tips.