7 Reasons to Have a Law Firm Blog

Your law firm is desperately trying to build up clientele and get noticed—but with so much competition, it isn’t easy.

Is there anything you can do to stand out? Yes—start a law firm blog. A blog allows your firm to write and share original content on all aspects of the law, from changes to regulations to help for people who might be thinking about hiring a lawyer.

However, a blog can do much more than just bring in website traffic. To learn more, keep reading to discover seven important reasons to start a blog for your law firm.

1. Attract New Clients

For your law firm to succeed, you need to grow. That’s why one of the best reasons to start a legal blog is to attract clients!

Potential clients search for information on the law constantly—and they do this by Googling. If they happen to land on your blog, and like what they read, there’s a good chance they’ll call you when they’re ready to hire a lawyer.

However, to ensure your blogs are noticed, it helps to make them extremely detailed and thorough, as search engines look favorably on content that satisfies user search intent.

It’s recommended that blog posts be between 1,500-2,500 words. Make sure they’re written using keywords that your potential clients would be searching for and always edit carefully before publishing.

A few images can help too, but you can purchase them from stock photo libraries if you don’t have your own photos to use.

2. Establish Credibility

Law firm blog content is fantastic for establishing credibility. It increases your industry position as a thought leader and expert in your field.

If you regularly post helpful blogs, it will also help increase brand awareness for your firm. 

It’s also great for boosting the profile of individual lawyers within your firm, who will appreciate having the bylines as blog authors. This can be useful for their resume and Linkedin accounts and is a vital way for them to share their expertise.

3. Improve Your Website’s SEO

Blog posts are a very important part of law firm marketing, since they help boost your website’s SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, favors websites with new content.

This means posting a blog on a regular basis, such as every week, can help your website rank higher on Google. This leads to higher traffic, increased inquiries, and more exposure!

4. Share Your Successes

Your blog is your own media channel, so it’s an amazing tool for sharing your successes! Did you recently have a big win or a huge victory for one of your clients?

If so, sharing that happiness on a blog post is a great idea. Everyone loves a good news story, plus sharing your wins lets potential clients know that your law firm has what it takes to win cases.

5. Blogs Are Great Content for Social Media

Many law firms struggle with what to post on their social media channels, especially Facebook and Linkedin. Having a social media presence is important, but you need to invest the time in posting regularly if you want to build up a following.

However, it’s important to know that both legal blogs and social media pages can work together! You can share your latest blog posts, or links to them, via your social media—an easy way to fill up your social media calendar.

6. Blogs are a Free or Low-Cost Resource

Many law firms, especially newer ones, can’t afford to spend huge amounts of money on marketing. Luckily, blog posts are a very affordable advertising tool.

If you’re a skilled writer, you can write your blog posts yourself at no cost—it just takes a few hours of your time. However, be sure to run them through an editing tool like Grammarly before publishing.

Or, you can hire a content marketing company to write blog posts for you. Many will even upload them directly onto your site, saving you time.

If your law firm has an internship program, this is also a good project for them to work on. It will teach them legal writing skills plus give them digital marketing experience—two qualifications all lawyers need to know.

7. You’re Able to Provide a Free Community Resource to the Public

Many people become lawyers because they’re caring, ethical humans with a strong passion for justice. You studied law to help others and to fight for fairness and equality.

So, blog posts are a fantastic way to do this! Your informative blog posts are a free community resource that anyone can benefit from.

Blog posts are an easy way to give back and help your community, providing them with guidance on legal issues.

Start Your Law Firm Blog Today and See How it Improves Your Business

Ready to start your law firm blog? If so, great choice!

Almost all websites make it very easy to add a blog on, so check with your IT team to get the blog ready. Then, commit to publishing on a set schedule, such as once a week or month.

After a few months, your blog posts will start to rank on Google, bringing in new traffic to your site. As long as you’re willing to invest the time and/or money in creating informative blogs, your law firm is sure to benefit!

Did you find this article helpful? If so, please read on to find more informative content and ideas.