Does Your Home Need a Wired or Wireless Security System?

Many would argue that a solid home security system is pivotal for any home or business. While some businesses opt for hiring a third-party security company, many feel comfortable as long as they have a good security system in place.

A study from UNC Charlotte found that over 60% of burglars would choose another target if they knew there was a security system in place.

Generally speaking, there are two different types of home security systems: wired and wireless. Wired vs. wireless security is an important consideration to make when selecting an alarm system.

Struggling to decide on a security system? Read on for the pros and cons for both a wired and wireless security system.

Wired Security System

A wired security system is a system that has equipment hardwired into a home’s electrical system. Most wired security systems are stationary and monitored by a professional response center.

Read on for some of the pros and cons of using a wired security system.


  • Reliable

    Wired systems don’t rely on any sort of radio frequency or internet connection so they are extremely reliable. The only things required for the system to remain functional are the wires and phone lines being active.

  • Easy to Maintain

    While a professional does need to do the initial setup of a wired system, there is little maintenance after it is set up. There are no battery changes or maintenance that the homeowner needs to worry about.


  • Expensive to Install

    Generally, one would need to hire a professional to install a wired security system. This can sometimes result in expensive installation fees.

  • More Vulnerable

    To disable a wired security system, one simply needs to cut the phone lines or wires. This can make a home or business vulnerable to break-ins.

Wireless Security System

Wireless security systems are often times also referred to as smart home/business security systems. This is because of its ability to combine security with automation.

Wireless security systems are becoming very popular. These systems use radio frequencies to control the different security sensors in the home or business.

Read on for some of the pros and cons of using a wireless security system.


  • Quick Installation

    Installing a wireless system is easy because there is no drilling or wiring. In almost all cases, wireless systems can be installed by the owner themselves, saving on expensive installation fees.

  • Wireless

    Wireless systems are safer in many ways because there are no phone lines or wires that can be cut. In a wired system, that would immediately disable the alarm system.


  • Battery Operated

    Wireless systems run on batteries, so the owner must check the battery life of all the sensors and devices to make sure they are in working order.

  • Risk of Hacking

    People can hack into a wireless security system remotely. For example, jamming the signals which disable the alarm.

Ready to Pick a Security System?

There are pros and cons to both wireless and wired security systems. Based on different needs, home and business owners would be wise to consider all factors before choosing a security system to protect their home.

It is also a great idea to check out home surveillance system reviews to make sure a system is reliable and has great reviews before committing.

Check us out for more information on different businesses that can advise on picking the right home surveillance system.

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