Six Top Tips for Keeping up With Your Domestic Chores

Chores are bores for more and more reasons. Americans spend nearly two hours a day on household activities, including domestic chores.

Vacuuming your floors, doing your laundry, and washing the dishes can take longer than that. But you can keep the time you spend down if you follow a few tips. 

How can you remember everything you need to do? What should you prioritize? What are some little things you can do to make your house cleaner? 

Answer these questions and you can keep chores from boring you out. Here are six cleaning tips you should follow today. 

1. Make a Checklist for Domestic Chores 

Cleaning your house can be difficult when you don’t know what to do. Before you go to bed every night, make a list of all the chores you need to do the next day. 

Write down a list of everything you need to do, even small things. Keep the list on you while you are in your house and check off the items one by one as you complete them.

2. Do Little Things Every Day

Getting everything done doesn’t mean cleaning your whole house every day. Think about small tasks you can complete like picking clothes off your floor. 

Try to get something small done at the start of your day. You can make your bed or do a load of laundry. This can give you a sense of accomplishment that helps you get everything else done.

3. Prioritize Important Household Chores

Get the most important things done at the start of the day. Unclogging your plumbing is more important than removing dust off your bookshelves. If you don’t get to something, you can do the task the next day.

4. Place House Cleaning Supplies in Important Locations

You don’t need extensive supplies in order to keep your house clean. Microfiber cloths and bottles of multi-purpose cleaner are all you need for most tasks. Put these items in each major room of your house, including bedrooms.

If cleaning tips are hard for you to follow, you do not have to clean your house by yourself. Research “house cleaners near me” and find someone who can clean for you.

5. Clean as You Move Through the House

You may walk into another room to prepare a meal or retrieve an item. If you notice something you need to fix in that room, you should fix that thing. Doing a small task can save you time in the long run.

6. Minimize Dishes

Read recipes before you start to cook and figure out how many dishes you need. See if you can use the same bowl or cutting surface for two tasks. You can also cook your food in your serving bowls or on your plates.

Make Your Domestic Chores Simple

Domestic chores do not have to eat up your time. Draft a checklist at the start of your day and go through the items on it. Do something substantial at the start of your day. 

Place cleaning supplies out so you can clean each room at any moment. As you walk through your house, try to find some little things to do. Reduce the dishes you have to clean by using one dish for multiple purposes. 

Household cleaning is a continuous process. Read more guides to household chores by following our coverage.