7 Home Window Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Do you think it’s time to replace the old windows in your house? Replacing old windows is no easy feat with the process coupled with numerous home window buying mistakes.

The window installation market size in the US is $5.1 billion. The statistics highlight an increased number of homeowners interested in replacing old windows. With the huge market demand, mistakes are common among home window buyers.

The window options you install determine your experience within the home. Your choice must be outstanding so that you can get it right the first time. Unfortunately, these choices almost always end up in mistakes that can be costly.

If you’re wondering what could go wrong when purchasing home windows, this article is for you. Read on to learn seven home window buying mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Foregoing Energy Efficiency for Low-Cost Windows

Having a budget for your window replacement project is a wise move. However, most people look to save on buying new windows by going for low-cost options. Most times, the buyers forego energy efficiency on the windows, which is a mistake.

Energy efficient home windows are a great improvement to your property value. Also, how would you like to do away with the hefty energy bills? Energy-efficient window replacements are your answer to saving on energy costs.

You should avoid sacrificing energy efficiency for some low-cost windows. It’d be wise to pay extra on the energy-efficient windows since they’re a great long-term investment. Over its useful life, the energy-efficient window will save you a lot of energy costs.

2. Rushing Through the Options

Are you the person to settle on the first window option you come across? If yes, you’re handling the window purchase all wrong. This mistake is common among beginners who don’t see the need to take time with the choice.

Understandably, you might want to get done with the window replacement project as soon as possible. It’s, however, not worth rushing through the options lest you miss some important details.

Remember; your window replacement option will stick in your home for years to come. Therefore, it’s necessary to take your time with the selection to ensure you get it right the first time. Consult thoroughly with window replacement specialists before moving ahead with any decision.

3. Overlooking Home Security

Do you prioritize home security when choosing window replacements for your property? If not, you’re making a mistake that’s all too common for most beginners.

About 25% of burglars use the window to enter a home. Therefore, there’s the need to ensure you reinforce it with the new window selection. There are many ways to deal with the security issue by working around the window option you install.

When you think of your window selection, consider security before installing them. It’s advisable to invest in windows with robust security systems for a safer home. A proper window replacement option should boost your home’s security status.

4. Failing to Work With Professionals

Who have you hired to handle the installation for you? Failing to work with professionals is a common mistake when buying home windows.

Going DIY on the window replacement and installation leaves space for many mistakes. Most of these errors are costly and might require you to re-do the project all over again. You wouldn’t want to incur extra costs and spend more time on the project, would you?

You should hire a reputable residential window company to handle the installation. Their expertise ensures you choose the right window and that they install it right the first time.

Choose the window replacement company based on their experience and rating within the market. You must pick someone you can trust, so check their previous works.

5. Getting Windows You Can’t Maintain

The market is made up of all manner of windows, each spotting different properties than the rest. You might find instances where you like a window but don’t think through its maintenance. Many clients make the mistake of going for windows they can’t maintain, which is catastrophic.

A window is as good as you take care of it. It’s thus necessary that you follow in its maintenance to ensure it serves you for a long time. Ensure that you understand the maintenance needs of the window before installing it.

6. Failing to Think of Window Style

What window style is the best fit for your property? Failing to think of the window style is a mistake most people make when selecting replacements.

Windows are designed to fit in a particular architecture. Therefore, you’ll experience an odd, clashing look with modern windows on a classic home.

We advise thinking of how your window will fit within the architecture pre-hand. A window replacement expert helps you evaluate the different styles for windows and choose the best fit. A great window style blends in with the home, thus improving the curb appeal.

7. Fixating on the Performance Numbers

I’m sure you’re impressed by the windows’ performance rating before making your choice. While these ratings are critical, you shouldn’t only focus on them while buying windows.

Some of the performance numbers you’ll likely find on windows include;

• Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
• Visual transmittance
• U-Value or U-factor
• Condensation resistance
• Air leakage

Most of these numbers you’ll find on windows can be confusing, thus complicating the decision further. Each windows’ performance will vary based on where you use it. Therefore, one window having a higher rating doesn’t mean it’s better than the other.

To avoid paralysis when choosing replacement windows, you should understand the environmental factors. Go for a window option that’s a great fit for your home for ultimate protection. For a clearer choice, we recommend consulting the window replacement experts.

Avoid the Above Home Window Buying Mistakes 

Buying new windows for your home isn’t a walk in the park. The above guide contains the common home window buying mistakes and how to avoid them. Working with window replacement professionals to make the window purchase hassle-free is advisable.

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