5 Common Mistakes in Home Selling and How to Avoid Them

The real estate market continues to be hot. If you’re a seller, you can expect multiple offers and could even sell your home for more than your asking price. 

However, to get top dollar for your home and to sell it quickly, you need to do things right, and avoid some of the common mistakes home sellers often make. Want to know more about these mistakes and what not to do? 

Read on for six common mistakes in home selling that might make selling your home take longer and be more difficult. 

1. Not Staging Your Home

While not staging your home probably won’t keep you from selling your home, it might delay it or result in you not getting top dollar. Staging is an inexpensive way to allow potential buyers to see themselves in the space.

It’s also more beneficial than showing an empty home, where buyers can’t see how the space can work with furniture. Highlight the best parts of the home and give buyers the chance to envision their family and their things in the space.

2. Ignoring Curb Appeal 

The first thing buyers are going to see when they pull up to your home is the yard and exterior. If your flower beds are full of weeds, the lawn is overgrown, and your house and windows are filthy, you’ve already given the impression that you don’t care about or take care of your home. 

Take some time to clean up your yard, plant some flowers, power wash your home, and clean your windows. Make your entryway space inviting with a welcome mat, flower pot, and freshly cleaned or painted front door. Don’t underestimate how much of an impression your home’s exterior makes on potential buyers.

3. Pricing It Too High 

Most successful real estate agents will tell you that your goal should be to price your house right from the start. If you price it too high, you’ll have to lower the price. This information is available to potential buyers, so they might wonder why you can’t sell it or recognize that you’ve overpriced it. 

If you price it just right, especially in the current housing market, there is a good chance you’ll end up with multiple offers and even may sell it for above the asking price. Use comps from your area to determine what the best price is. If you want to sell a house fast and get what it’s worth, take emotion out of it and set a fair home price.

4. Listing at the Wrong Time

If you can, try not to list your home during November or December. Most people are not looking to buy during the holidays (unless they have no choice) and if you can wait until spring, you will typically have better luck. There actually is a best time to sell a home, especially if you live in a winter state where it is cold and snowing during the early months of the year. 

5. Not Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Unless you are an expert in home buying and selling, leave it to the professionals. Read estate agents go through special training and know the ins and outs of the process as well as any legal requirements.

They can also handle negotiations for you and act as an objective third party who is not emotionally attached to the home. You may also make more money if you hire a real estate agent. 

Don’t Make These Mistakes in Home Selling

Using our tips, you can avoid some of the common mistakes in home selling that sellers typically make. Be strategic and realistic and hire a professional to handle everything for you, and you will be pleasantly surprised. 

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