How to Find a Urologist in Your Area

When you need to find a urologist, which resources do you turn to?

A urologist isn’t a medical specialist you see regularly, so chances are you can’t locate a reputable one as easily as you might a primary care physician.

Read on for more ideas on finding a highly-recommended, reputable urologist in your area.

Get a Referral

Urologists specialize in any field directly related to the urinary tract. For males, their services may also pertain to the reproductive system.

If you need to find a urologist, it’s probably because your primary care doctor recommends you should see one.

If you’re seeking the opinion of a urologist based on feedback from your regular doctor, simply ask if he or she can recommend a good one local to you. Doctors network in and outside of hospitals, and often they refer business to one another. If you don’t have the time to do your own research, take the referral and run with it.

Consult Your Insurance

A doctor’s referral alone may not help you find the right urologist. Take your search a step further and ask your health insurance company for a recommendation. This strategy is useful in several ways:

  • Find a urologist who is definitely covered by your insurance
  • The specialist has already established a relationship with your healthcare provider
  • The specialist’s practice is above-board

to make sure the recommended urologist has a medical license in good standing, check their history.

You can also find a urologist via hospital affiliation. Your healthcare provider can group specialists they cover according to the hospitals they serve. If you have a hospital preference in case of an emergency, this information can be resourceful.

Browse Online Directories

Do you prefer to do your own thorough research?

If so, the Internet is your best friend. Plenty of directories, medical and otherwise, contain listings of specialists in your area.

Look through a medical directory like Here, you can find reviews and compare the listed urologists to one another based on a grading system. Some medical directories also list the insurance providers and hospitals affiliated with each doctor listed.

Browse an online business directory. Very much like a virtual Rolodex, this kind of directory gives you specific local listings for a variety of services and businesses, all of which are updated frequently.

Find A Urologist Online

Where can you find details about the specialist you’re interested in?

The information gathered from a directory or a healthcare provider’s referral is usually sparse. Go to a urologist’s website to find out all that you need to know about him or her.

The website of Steinburg Urology urology clinic contains details such as:

  • The services and procedures provided
  • Contact information
  • Information on urinary and reproductive conditions

This website even lets you book an appointment online, a feature which most modern medical sites have.

Need More Resources?

Use the above resources to find the right urologist for you. But you can also use them for pretty much any professional service.

Do you want tips on how to seek out local businesses, medical and otherwise?

Browse our blog to get more ideas on how to effectively search directory listings and make your research more efficient.

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