How to Find a Good Window Replacement Company

Replacing an old, damaged, or broken window is an investment with a return rate of over 70%. It improves the value, safety, and appearance of your home.

The better the professionals you trust to complete this job, the better the results will be. Read our guide to learn the factors to consider when searching for the best window replacement company.

How to Choose a Window Replacement Company

Replacing a window is a complex job that should always be left to professionals. The most important factors to keep in mind when choosing them are certification, credibility, cost, warranties, materials, and service.

Certification and Credibility

Major window glass manufacturers may recommend or certify specific installers that specialize in their products. You can also check for certifications and credentials from:

  • The American Window and Door- Institute
  • InstallationMasters
  • CSLB or Contractors State License Board website

The company should have a C17 Glazing License, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation. It should also specialize in window replacement.

60% of customers trust reviews when researching new products. Look on sites such as Angie’s List or Yelp, check the company’s website and social media accounts for comments and examples of their work, and get word-of-mouth recommendations. If these aren’t enough, ask for references.


Installation costs depend on several factors, such as the experience of the company and the type of window glass they use.

Go beyond initial installation costs and consider how much money you’ll spend in the long term. Consider factors such as longevity, energy savings, and maintenance costs and look for any hidden fees.


A quality window replacement company should provide manufacturers, installation, and labor warranties. Read them carefully to see what they cover and for how long. 

These warranties protect you against any damage and prove that the company is confident in the capabilities of its workers and the products it uses.

Materials and Customization

Choosing home windows is a personal decision, and you should be able to customize them to your taste. Look for a range of styles, materials, shapes, colors, and hardware. 

Using custom glass for your windows is more than an aesthetic choice. It ensures you get the strength and levels of climate and noise protection your home needs.

Make sure that the window replacement company you’ve chosen offers a wide range of options and compare the quality of each one.


Installation is one of the most important steps in the window replacement process. If it’s not performed properly, performance and aesthetics will suffer.

Subcontractors are paid per window and are more likely to rush through the job to ensure they can install as many windows as possible. Rely on certified professionals instead.

Your window replacement company should be easy to contact after the job is finished. Look at reviews and contract them before hiring them to get a sense of how they’ll communicate with you throughout the process. 

Asking questions is one of the best ways to ensure you get the best results from any home improvement job. Talk to the company about their experience, previous jobs, certification, process, products, fees, and other necessary details.

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More Window Replacement Tips

Window replacement is a valuable investment in your home. When choosing a company to perform it, look at their costs, experience, credibility, warranties, and materials.

Read the rest of our content for more tips on how to get the best results when hiring window replacement professionals.