5 Reasons Why Your Practice Needs a Virtual Waiting Room

The waiting rooms of doctors and dentists are often talked about and portrayed in the media—not always in the most positive light. No matter how stylishly it’s decorated, there’s the frustration, the anticipation, and the tension of waiting for your turn. Waiting rooms can be stressful places.

This is more true now than ever before. The rise of COVID-19 gave way to overcrowding in many different spaces just crowds became the very thing we were being told to avoid. But waiting outside, especially in colder months, isn’t a perfect solution either.

That’s where a virtual waiting room comes in. What is a virtual waiting room, and how can it benefit your dental or medical practice? Read on to find out.

What Is a Virtual Waiting Room?

Despite its name, a virtual waiting room is not a place, but an idea. It’s a concept, a piece of software, and an invaluable tool in the hands of a person who wants to wait their turn with ease.

Essentially, a virtual waiting room is an app that allows people to see how long they have left in a queue, without queueing. This eliminates the need for long lines or big crowds and enables patients to wait wherever they’re most comfortable.

This may sound like a small thing. But you’d be surprised how massive a difference it can make to your practice. Read about the benefits below.

1. Eliminates Crowding

During the pandemic, people were told to stay at home, but they couldn’t stop themselves from becoming unwell. So the need to see doctors and dentists persisted. With crowds out of the question, a virtual waiting room allows you to continue to see patients in a timely and organized manner.

2. Streamlines Visits

Many types of waitlist app have areas for your patients to fill out forms. This means that they can safely and easily fill out their information while they wait. This will streamline visits, save time, and allow you to see more patients.

3. Stops the Spread of Disease

Because waiting room applications allow patients to wait wherever they choose, everyone will be separated from one another. This can help to stop the spread of disease. Not only COVID-19 but also cases of flu, colds, and other infections as well.

4. Ensures Compliance

In many states, there continue to be regulations about the number of people who are allowed in certain spaces. These are changing all the time. It’s much easier to keep up with who’s coming in and out of your practice when you’re using a system to do so.

5. Increases Patient Satisfaction

All of the above points matter to your patients as well as your business. Make your patients happier by making them as comfortable as possible. Your reputation will be all the better for it.

Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Waiting Room

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. For all of the above reasons, for your patient’s comfort, and for yours, a virtual waiting room is a great addition to your medical or dental practice. For more handy apps and savvy software recommendations for your business, check out the rest of our content.