Choosing the Best Hiking Boots for Men: A Guide

Almost 48 million people go hiking each year. It’s the perfect activity to get fresh air, increase your heart rate, and clear your head. 

Having the right gear is essential for hikers. Hiking boots are the most critical piece of gear. A poor-quality pair of boots will have you gritting your teeth with each step. 

This guide will go over how to choose the best pair of hiking boots for men and where to find the best hiking boots. 

What Type of Hikes Do You Take?

One of the things you need to consider is what type of hikes you’ll be going on in your hiking boots. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long will my hike be?
  • What will my pace be?
  • How heavy is my backpack?
  • What type of terrain is the trail?

Types of Hiking Terrain

There are generally three different types of terrains: uneven trails, even trails, and off-trail. If you’re hiking on an even trail, the surface is stable with a few moderate hills. Flexible hiking boots are a great option for this type of terrain. 

Uneven terrain is often found in the mountains. The trails have rocks, mud, and roots. You’ll want a shoe with a more stable sole that’s a higher cut. 

Off-trail terrain is typically unstable with unmarked trails and loose rocks. You need to concentrate as you hike. A stable shoe that’s water-resistant is essential. 

Your Backpack Weight

Packing only the essentials you need in your backpack will ensure that it stays as light as possible. Carrying a light backpack will be less tiring for you, and you’ll reduce the chance of injury. If you have a light backpack, you can go in flexible shoes. 

If you’re carrying a heavier backpack that has food, a stove, and a tent in it, you’ll need a sturdier pair of shoes. High-cut shoes will also give your ankles additional support.

Your Pace and Hike Length

The length of your hike can be subjective. A 60-minute hike on an easy trail won’t wear you out as much as a hike for the same length of time on an uneven trail. The distances you usually hike and your fitness level will contribute to you interpreting the word “length” differently than other hikes. 

Think about if your hiking goal seems “long” or “short.” This will help you determine if you need more flexible shoes or ones that provide you with support and stability. 

If you’re going to be hiking often, you don’t want cheap hiking boots. You’ll want to find a high-quality pair of boots that are built to be durable. Check out or the next time you’re looking for a pair of hiking boots. 

Find Good Hiking Boots for Men for Your Next Hike

Finding the best pair of hiking boots for men is essential to ensuring you have a pain-free and relaxing hike. Arming yourself with the right gear and equipment is the first step to take on your next adventure. 

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