Are Hotel Reward Programs Worth It?

It’s finally time to start traveling again, and any savvy saver will be looking for the best deals. Loyalty programs are an easy way to save a few extra dollars, and more than 90% of companies offer some kind of membership perks. Could a hotel rewards program really be worth your loyalty? 

If you’re wondering whether hotel rewards programs are worth joining, read on to discover the benefits you could be enjoying today!

Benefits of Hotel Rewards Programs

The most common reward that hotel loyalty programs give out is free nights. All you have to do is stay a certain amount of nights in qualifying hotels in their network to earn points for a free stay. It’s a fantastic deal if you’re going to stay in a hotel anyway.

Sometimes being a member will unlock rewards or free services without using points. For instance, you could get free WiFi or later check-out times. With these perks, even infrequent lodgers can benefit from membership!

You may be eligible for special rates, room upgrades, and other complementary services. Some loyalty programs allow you to skip fees as well.

Using Rewards

The big question when joining a program is whether you are going to be using services. Most points will expire if you don’t use them by a certain date. Also, it may take time to earn a usable amount of points.

Make sure to do your research and ensure that points are easy to cash in. If there are hoops like blackout dates that you have to jump through, your program isn’t going to help you out.

If you stay in hotels frequently, a rewards program may be right for you. Remember, though, you’re being rewarded for your loyalty. Joining a program binds you to one hotel chain if you want to earn and use rewards with every stay.

Cost of Joining

When it comes to a rewards program, you have nothing to lose by signing up! Most programs are free to join. In some programs, you can even earn elite status without paying by using it often.

Some hotels offer rewards club branded credit cards that earn points on more than just hotel stays, but there may be annual fees attached. In exchange for less than $100 a year, you could get points from gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, or even every purchase. If you use the card enough to cover the fee, the perks could be worth it!

If you’re willing to invest in your rewards, you may be able to buy VIP status and gain extra perks. For instance, you can get timeshare deals through Marriott destination points resale.

Join a Program That’s Right for You

Hotel rewards programs can save members money while unlocking perks that make your stay more comfortable. If you use hotel services enough to cash out your points, then joining is definitely worth it. Start your research now to find out which program is right for you!

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