3 Essential Reasons to Rent a Shuttle for Your Next Event

When you are planning an event, you put care and money into making sure that every detail is perfect. From decorations to guest lists everything is given the utmost care when planning an event. However, an underappreciated method of showing gratitude for your guests is to rent a shuttle.

Keep reading to learn more about how a shuttle can improve your guest’s experience and reduce the stress of an event planner.

VIP Level Service

Offering a shuttle service can elevate your event to make it seem more VIP. It is a pleasure to be able to offer this special treatment to your guests. Your guests will feel appreciated by this gesture and be in a great mood for your event. 

These shuttle services, such as Xecutive Shuttle and Transport, offer a great ambiance that can elevate any event. By making all of your guests feel like VIPs you can ensure everyone has a phenomenal time. 

Many times, when individuals arrive late to a large event, such as a wedding, it is a result of them failing to locate the venue or securing a ride to the venue. Utilizing a shuttle service can ensure that all of your guests have the ability to arrive without having the added stress of bringing their own transportation. 

Unrestricted Venue Selection 

When it comes to selecting a venue you can expand your options by hiring a shuttle to taxi your guests from an off-site parking lot to the venue. Now rather than looking for a location that has a large parking lot, you can include venues that have centralized parking elsewhere. 

One of the biggest headaches of event planning can be parking. Either your venue does not offer enough parking, or it is too far away. You want your guests to come into your event relaxed and in a great mood, not recovering from a frustrating parking lot adventure. 

Safer Experience

Hiring a shuttle to move your guests from a parking lot to a strip of hotels, can make your event much safer as well. As an event planner, you can alleviate many stressors about the care of your guests. They no longer have to worry about getting lost, driving while under the influence, or dealing with traffic. 

When guests are traveling to a venue for the first time, it is common to get lost. This can make you late for your event or even miss it altogether. That is why shuttle service pick-ups are typically at the guest-hotel or central locations in the area. 

If you are hosting an event that has alcohol, providing a shuttle service can reassure everyone they can have responsible fun. Because 40% of Americans admit to drinking and driving, this can help ensure that many visitors avoid drinking violations. 

Shuttle service drivers have expert driving skills and possess the necessary capabilities to calmly navigate traffic. Before you arrive at an event you should be able to operate stress-free.

Rent a Shuttle for Your Events 

Whether you are hosting a wedding, concert, or fundraiser, when you rent a shuttle you can provide top-tier service to your guests. Shuttles are the most effective way to start off your event on a high note. 

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