Your Guide to Sibling DNA Tests

DNA testing is all the rage these days. People often do DNA testing to see if they’re susceptible to different diseases. But DNA testing has many amazing uses beyond screening for illness.

One popular type is sibling DNA tests. You may want to do DNA tests for siblings for a few reasons.

Some need to do so during their inheritance or immigration process. You may need to prove you are related to enter the country.

You may also be interested because of more personal reasons. If you have doubts about your shared father or mother, you may also want to take a test. Perhaps you’re wondering if you’re half vs full siblings.

No matter the reason, you can take a DNA test to find out more about your family. Wondering how they work? Read on for answers to your questions. 

How Do Sibling DNA Tests Work?

Usually, DNA testing is done using a saliva sample. You gather a sample by swabbing it inside your mouth. Then you send this to an experienced lab, where they will process your genetic material.

You can do expedited DNA testing using a lab and don’t need to work with your doctor to get tested. 

What Are Sibling DNA Tests?

If you’re wondering how to prove you are related, you’ll want to first review which kind of test you want to do. If your family is willing to work on the testing with you, that will be better for you and your sibling.

The more parents who can participate, the more accurate the readings will be. That way the lab doing your DNA testing has even more data to work with.

There are different tests for half-siblings and full siblings. If you don’t have family nearby or they aren’t open, you can still do the testing with only you and your sibling. 

Generally, full siblings will share 50% of their genes with each other. Half siblings will usually have 25% of their genes in common. 

Half vs Full Siblings

Say you know you both share the same mother but want to know about your father. In that case, you’d take this type of test.

In this example, your mother should also give a DNA sample. Then the lab will know which genetic material you both inherited from her.

Half Siblings vs Not Related

If you want to know if you and your half-sibling are actually related, you can use this test.

For example, say you know you have two different mothers. But you want to know if you share a father. This would be the test for you.

In this case, both your mothers or at least one mother should also contribute for better accuracy. 

Solve Your Family Mysteries With Sibling DNA Tests

Wonder no more about your family situation. If you’re curious how you’re related to your siblings, or if you’re even related, you can find answers.

Using sibling DNA tests, you’ll get fast answers from a trusted lab. You can get different combinations of tests, and involve as many family members as you wish.

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