How to Choose a Dentist When You Move to a New Area

Did you know that as many as 6 out of 10 Americans don’t go to the dentist each year?

If you’ve recently moved, then finding a new dentist may not be high on your list of priorities. The truth is everyone should get their teeth cleaned twice a year to refresh their smile and allow the dentist to catch and treat issues before they turn into larger problems.

Do you need help figuring out how to choose a dentist? Keep reading for 5 simple tips that will allow you to choose a dentist with ease after you move.

1. Read Reviews for “Dentist Near Me”

Thanks to Google reviews, it’s quick and convenient to find great dentists like By filtering your search results to only see businesses with high star ratings, you’ll only have to sift through promising dentists. After you read about other people’s experiences you can understand what your experience would be like and if you should book your appointment.

2. Ask for Personal Recommendations

If you’re lucky enough to move to a new area where you already have friends, then you should ask for their advice and see where they go for their teeth cleanings. You can also consider asking neighbors, coworkers, and even community Facebook groups for suggestions. After you have a list of options, you can explore each dentist’s site to find the right fit.

3. Consider Your Convenience

One of the top factors you need to weigh into your decision is which local dentist is closest to you. Since not many people enjoy going to their checkups, you should keep this chore as stress-free as possible by having a quick drive. Whether you leave from your house, work, or any other location you’re at often, you should have plenty of choices.

4. Make Sure They Accept Your Health Insurance

To keep your visits affordable, it’s important to find a dentist who accepts your health insurance. If you’re among the many millions of Americans who don’t have any health insurance, the good news is that it’s still possible for you to find care. Some practices have their own independent health insurance plans to keep costs low, so it’s worth checking out those options.

5. Schedule a Meet and Greet

If you’re still not 100% confident about your top pick, then you could schedule a brief meet and greet to get a feel for the environment before you book an appointment. While you’re there, you can see how the staff treats you and how clean and modern the facilities are.

Now You Know How to Choose a Dentist

Since our oral health has such a large impact on the rest of our well-being, you shouldn’t delay your search. If you follow this guide on how to choose a dentist, you can have peace of mind that you’ll get the care you deserve.

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