Window Replacement 101: What to Expect on Window Replacement Installation Day

Are you preparing to have new windows installed in your home? If so, you’ve probably picked out your windows by now and hired a window replacement company to help you out.

The only thing left to do is to sit back and wait for your windows to be installed, right? Not quite.

Before window replacement installation day arrives, you should sit down and figure what you can expect from it. If you don’t, window installation day might catch you off-guard and be way more stressful than you anticipated.

Today, we’re going to run through the different things that are going to happen once a home window replacement company shows up at your home to install new windows in it. It’ll allow you to brace yourself for what’s to come.

Continue reading to see what to expect on window replacement installation day.

Begin by Preparing Your Home for Window Replacement Installation Day

If you want window replacement installation day to go as smoothly as possible, there are going to be some preparations that you’ll want to make ahead of time. It’ll ensure that your window replacement company can get to work right away after arriving at your home on the big day.

So, what exactly can you do to get your house ready for window replacement installation day? Well, here are several things that you can do to get things moving in the right direction:

  • Move furniture and any other things that you might have around the interior of your home’s windows away from them
  • Clean up any debris that might be sitting around the exterior of your windows
  • Create walking paths for your window replacement company throughout your home

A good local home window replacement company won’t mind doing some or even all of these things for you if you would like. But if you’re able to get a jump on them, it’ll free the company up to focus on installing your windows as opposed to preparing your home for window replacement installation.

Welcome Your Window Replacement Company Into Your Home

On the day before you’re going to have new windows installed in your home, you should check with your window replacement company to see what time they’ll be arriving. You should then make it a point to be all ready to go when they show up.

You should greet them at your front door and introduce yourself. You should also spend a few minutes talking to them to build up some level of trust with them.

Your window installers are obviously going to be spending a ton of time in and around your house. So you want to feel comfortable with them from the start. You also want to feel free to ask them any questions that you might have along the way.

Check Out the New Windows That Will Be Installed in Your Home

After you’re done welcoming your window replacement company into your home, you should make it a point to ask to see the windows that they’re going to be installing for you. The last thing that you want is for them to get started on window replacement installation only for you to realize that they brought the wrong windows to your home.

You should inspect the windows that they’ve brought to be sure they’re the ones that you ordered. You should also give them a quick once-over to make sure that none of the windows were damaged on the way to your home.

Ask Your Window Replacement Company for an Overview of Their Installation Process

Once you get to this point, your window replacement company will begin to bring your new windows into your home and set them up so that they can be installed. While they’re doing this, you should ask them to provide you with a general overview of what they’re going to be doing.

It’s OK to ask some questions while your window replacement company is working in your home. But you don’t want to distract them too much and delay their process. So this would be a good time to get out any questions and/or concerns that you might have.

Stay Out of the Way as the Window Replacement Installation Process Plays Out

After you’re done peppering your window replacement company with questions and/or concerns, it’ll officially be time for them to get down to business. They’ll start the process of replacing all of the windows throughout your home.

You should do your best to stay out of their way while they’re doing this. You should also keep your kids and pets away from any areas in which your window replacement company is working. It’ll allow your window installers to work quickly and prevent accidents from taking place.

Make Sure Your Window Replacement Company Cleans Up

At the end of the window replacement process, your window replacement company should clean up the mess that they will inevitably make throughout your home. They should bring in vacuum cleaners and other cleaning supplies so that you don’t have to clean at all yourself later on.

They should also remove any plastic and stickers from your new windows. It’ll give you a chance to see what your new windows look like now that they’re all in place.

Walk Through Your Home to Take a Look at Your New Windows

Once a window replacement company tells you that they’re all finished installing your new windows, you should walk through your home and inspect them. You should make sure that the company did a good job installing your windows and point out any potential problems that you might see.

If everything looks good to you, you can then thank your window replacement company and send them on their way. You’ll be able to start enjoying your new windows and all the benefits that come along with them.

Window Replacement Installation Day Should Be Exciting for You

Now that you know what window replacement installation day is going to be all about, you should be excited for it. You’ll finally be able to take advantage of having new windows in your home.

Just make sure that you do everything listed here on window replacement installation day. It’ll guarantee that you have a fantastic experience from beginning to end.

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