How to Utilize SEO to Expand Your Client Base

In a world where more and more of our interactions are mediated by the internet, only 30% of small businesses have a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. That’s a huge mistake!

The right SEO strategy can take your business from zero to hero and massively expand your client base. By optimizing your on-page content and building lasting relationships with other websites, SEO can help you reach more clients than ever before.

So how do you do that? What does a modern and effective SEO strategy look like? Join us as we take a look at the ins and outs of search engine optimization and find out what it can do for you.

What Is SEO?

Put simply, SEO refers to the practices a business can engage in to boost its visibility in search engine results pages. These techniques range widely. Organizing the content on your business’ website to ‘educate’ search engine crawlers about the type, location, and quality of your business. Posting high-quality content on other websites which links back to your business is another type.

For example, imagine you run a hairdressing salon in Austin, Texas. Naturally, when someone Googles ‘best hairdressers Austin TX,’ you’d like your business to come near the top. One of the absolute best ways to get more clients is by converting organic search results into click-throughs.

SEO can help you achieve that.

By ensuring you use relevant keywords on your website (Eg. ‘hairdressing,’ ‘hairdresser,’ ‘Austin,’ and so on), and filling that site with regular, high-quality content related to hairdressing, Google will learn to consider it a ‘high-quality’ site. Likewise, by using similar techniques in guest posts on other websites and linking back to your own site, you teach search engine crawlers that your business is a reliable resource.

How Effective Is SEO as a Way to Build a Client Base?

In short, very. A quarter of searchers click on the first organic result they see after a search. Getting your business up in the rankings of a Google or Bing results page can be the difference between ‘a few customers a week’ and ‘opening a new branch to cope with demand.’

What’s more, you don’t have to do it alone. There are plenty of potential partners out there whose specialty is SEO that you can work with to drive up your business’ popularity and relevance to the biggest search engines. Some even specialize in particular areas for local businesses, like this business specializing in SEO Calgary.

And being relevant to the biggest search engines is part and parcel of being relevant to a new potential client base.

SEO: The Path to More Customers

So there you have it: the benefits that SEO can bring your business when it comes to reaching a new client base. By following SEO practices and working with experts, you can massively expand the reach of your business.

Not bad for inserting a few keywords!

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