How to Get Your Pet ESA Certified

Do you have an emotional support animal?

Pets are real lifesavers to their humans. They relieve stress and provide unconditional love and support. To those with emotional disabilities, having pets can offer comfort and routine stability.

Ever considered an ESA? Find out how to get your pet ESA certified in this article below.

What is an ESA?

Emotional support animals are animals that give their owners therapeutic aides. These pets offer companionship and routine stability to their humans. Most of their owners suffer from emotional disabilities like anxiety and depression.

An ESA pet has unique legal grants specific to its designation. Similar to service animals, an ESA gives the emotional support their handlers need to get through the day.

To enjoy the legal rights and benefits of an emotional support animal, you need to register your pet as one. Although, the process of getting your pet ESA certified isn’t familiar to many owners.

Steps in Getting Your Pet ESA Certified

When considering getting your pet ESA certified, it’s vital to know that there’s no official registry yet. This means your pet can be an ESA as long as you present the proper requirements.

1. Get an ESA Letter

The first step in getting your pet certified as an emotional support animal is to get an ESA letter from a licensed therapist. The ESA letter is a document that proves that you have an emotional disability.

The main goal of the ESA letter is to show that your dog or pet gives you the support and stability you need to do your daily routine. This letter also highlights why you need an emotional support animal.

Your ESA letter must have the following information.

  • Your full name
  • Disability description
  • The reason why you need an ESA
  • Professional letterhead and signature of your therapist
  • Letter validity; no more than a year before your registration

It’s better if you’re working with a therapist that specializes in animal therapy. This way, your letter will follow the ESA guidelines.

2. Find a Reliable Organization

The next step you need to get an ESA certificate is to find a legitimate website or organization. The process of registering your pet as an ESA is simple. Unlike registering a service animal, scams in ESA registration are common.

If you don’t have any idea about ESA registration and certification, you may end up with phony documents. Make sure to check all the organization’s accreditations and reviews before applying for an ESA certificate.

Some websites can issue an ESA certificate without an ESA letter. Associations like let you take a quick test to know if you qualify for an ESA pet.

3. Receive your ESA Certificate

The final step is to receive your pet’s ESA certificate. You can get them in digital form or on a card.

Once you get your pet ESA-certified, you should pick a suitable pet vest with the certificate on it. You can also download it on your phone when you travel with your pet.

Get your Pet ESA Certified

Getting an ESA pet will only need an ESA letter and a reliable organization to help you. Having your pet ESA certified can entitle them to benefits that’ll help them support you more.

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