Is Buying a Home Generator Worth the Cost?

If the power suddenly goes out, will your family be okay?

People face this scenario all the time, especially living in rural areas. When disaster strikes, how can you ensure that you have a backup power source to keep you going?

The answer is buying a home generator.

The average cost of a home generator can vary depending on what you need it to do. But don’t let the initial cost scare you off. We’ve pulled together the most important things you need to know about buying a home generator, and whether it’s worth the cost. 

Ready to get more peace of mind about your home’s power? Read on to find out more.

What Is a Home Generator?

Before we dive into the ins and outs of the cost of a home generator, let’s talk about what a home generator is and why it’s an important purchase.

A home generator typically sits outside your house and provides electricity for the entire property when there’s an outage or blackout. You can use it to power your lights, computers and other appliances. It will also save you from having to use the car battery in an emergency.

This added peace of mind is valuable, especially if you lose power in the middle of something important.

What Is the Average Cost of a Home Generator?

You may be asking: What is the cost of a generator to power my home?

Generators can be expensive. But that price really depends on what you need that generator for. The average cost of home generators can range from $700 to $26,000.

A lot of factors affect home generator cost such as the size and type of unit required, as well as the generator installation cost. There are two types of home generators:

  • Stand-alone generators
  • Portable generators

Portable units are usually cheaper than their stationary counterparts because they are not installed in a location and can be moved easily. But they are typically less powerful.

How Do I Choose the Right Home Generator?

When it comes time to choose a generator, start by asking yourself a few key questions to determine your needs.

What Type of Generator Should I Get?

Do you want a stand-alone generator that is installed outdoors for your whole house needs? Or would you rather have a portable generator that’s great for emergencies like blackouts, and can be easily used in your home?

Figure out what best suits your needs and start narrowing your search.

What Size Generator Do I Need?

If you have lots of electronics to power — such as a dishwasher, dryer, fridge, or even an air conditioner — then it might make sense to invest in a larger unit.

Can I Afford a Home Generator?

Home generators are a long-term investment, and it may take a while before your home generator costs turn into a return for you. But it could be life-saving if you have it ready to go.

The cost-benefit analysis is about your well-being and the safety of anyone else under your roof.

Is a Home Generator Worth the Cost?

The average cost of a home generator can be steep, but not having one can be devastating. It’s well worth the cost if you carefully consider your needs and budget before making decisions.

We hope this helps you start thinking about which home generator might work well with your lifestyle and goals. For more resources from different businesses in your area, keep browsing our site!