How to Stop Snoring: 5 Effective Snoring Remedies That Work

45% of adults snore—so if you find yourself exhausted each morning, it could be because your snoring is keeping you up!

There are many causes of snoring, some easily fixed and some more serious, like sleep apnea or sinus problems. Always talk to your doctor if you’re worried about snoring, but know that there’s also plenty of home snoring remedies you can try.

Wondering how to stop snoring for good? If so, keep reading to find five effective treatments for snoring.

1. Sleep on Your Side

Looking for natural ways to stop snoring? One of the easiest ways is to change your sleeping position.

Sleeping on your back can sometimes block airflow, as your tongue moves to the back of your throat. Sometimes, this can be prevented by sleeping on your side, as this improves your airflow.

2. Try Raising Your Pillow

Another easy way to treat snoring is by adjusting the height of your pillow. Elevating your head by a few inches can open up your airways and reduce your snoring.

While there are specific pillows designed for this purpose, you can also get the same results by simply adding a second pillow underneath your head, which will raise its height.

3. Remove Allergens from the Bedroom

Often, snoring can be caused by allergens in the bedroom that make it hard for you to breathe, such as dust mites, bacteria, or dog hair.

Swap out your bedding for hypoallergenic options and replace your pillows, as pillows tend to fill with dust mites after a few years. Give your bedroom a thorough cleaning and vacuuming, then keep pets out of the bedroom—a deep clean can make a huge difference to your sleep.

4. Avoid Alcohol

Many of us enjoy a nightcap, but be careful—alcohol consumption could be causing you to snore. Alcohol tends to relax our throat muscles, which can lead to snoring.

To avoid this, try to stop drinking at least a few hours before bedtime. You’ll also want to rehydrate with plenty of water.

5. Speak to a Sleep Specialist

If none of the above tips have helped, you might need professional help. Make an appointment with an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor, as they can rule out more serious causes for your snoring, like sleep apnea.

You can get a referral to an ENT from your family doctor and they can be a big help. If you’re in Louisiana, GNO Snoring & Sinus is a great resource—check them out here.

Rest Easy With These Snoring Remedies

Snoring can ruin your sleep and make it hard to function the next day, so no one needs to go through life tired and groggy. If you’re having trouble sleeping, or your snoring is disturbing your partner, then try out these snoring remedies tonight.

Hopefully, a few changes are all it takes to get your sleeping back on track!

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