With Purchase: 5 Free Gift Ideas for Customers

With so much focus on digital marketing approaches these days, business owners often overlook offline methods that focus on existing customers. It can prove a costly oversight, since snagging new customers routinely costs more than hanging on to existing customers.

There are lots of approaches you can take to incentivize customers to keep coming back. You can set up a referral program or send out handwritten notes. You can even take speaking engagements. Free gifts are one of the simpler options you can deploy.

Not sure what to give? Keep reading for five free gift ideas for customers.

1. Pens

Yeah, it’s not necessarily the most exciting gift, but you can up your pen game. Instead of handing out the classic, plastic stick pen, you go in for a nicer type of pen, like a Javelina style pen.

With a nicer style of pen, it ups the odds of the customers using the pen. It’s also a common choice on free gift with purchase ideas lists.

2. Baseball Caps

Another excellent choice for freebie ideas for customers is the classic baseball cap. It’s a gift with high utility value, which also means your customers are likely to wear it. They appreciate the hat, while you get a little free marketing.

3. T-Shirts

T-shirts are another classic choice when it comes to free gift ideas for small business. You should reserve your t-shirts for regulars and vocal advocates for your store. For example, is someone out there doing a lot of brand advocacy for your business online?

Get in touch and send them a T-shirt. They’ll probably wear it.

4. Toys

Toys work best for businesses that cater to families or build their brands on fun. You don’t need to break the mold here. Get some branded frisbees, yo-yos, or foam airplanes.

They’re the kind of gifts that people will use or pass on to others who will.

5. Swag Box

Do you have a select group of high-value customers that you want to thank. This is where swag boxes come in to save the day.

A swag box typically consists of several higher-value items that you send out in a literal box. For example, you might package up a branded coffee mug, a unisex t-shirt, a tote bag, and even a stuffed animal if you cater to families. Pro tip: always keep your audience in mind when selecting products for the swag box.

Choosing Free Gift Ideas for Customers

Choosing between free gift ideas for customers isn’t always easy. You should take into account your customer base. You must also consider your branding.

You want gifts that align with your customers’ lifestyle and that coincide with your brand. When in doubt, stick with things that everyone can use, such as pens, notebooks, and baseball hats.

If you know your customers will love something a little quirky, that’s the time to go in for things like frisbees and yo-yos.

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