Major Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

Have you ever felt like your search for employment felt like just that…a job?

Job searching certainly feels like work. Potential employees and employers alike feel the stress of finding the perfect fit. But what if there was a solution?

That’s where a staffing agency comes in. With nearly 20,000 staffing companies alone in the U.S., the large staffing network aids employers and employees alike in their search.

Staffing Agency Benefits

So what is it that staffing agencies do? A staffing agency, or recruiting agency, matches potential job candidates with potential companies.

Rather than sifting through hundreds of job postings on your own, a recruiting agency assists with your job search by helping to find an appropriate job posting that aligns with the hard and soft skills that you bring as an employee.

Below are five of the simple benefits of using a staffing agency.

Time and Money

One of the most blatant advantages to utilizing a staffing agency is the cost savings associated with doing so.

Companies that use an agency save time and money by hiring the right person for the job. Agencies can find the appropriate candidate in a short space of time, mitigating the effects of a drawn-out hiring process.

Broad Network

Staffing agencies are in the business of recruiting. This means they have an ever-revolving pool of potential candidates that have already been screened for employment.

The pool of available candidates is typically built up over years via referrals and networking. If a company is in the stage of hiring employees for a new position, an agency can tap into its network of already vetted resources to find the best fit for them.

Knowledge Pool

A sort of sister benefit to the broad network is the knowledge pool that comes with it.

The process of recruiting employees is what an agency does best. They’re able to correctly identify the appropriate candidate because of the expertise and knowledge set available to them.

This specialized knowledge ranges anywhere from industry trends to related salary ranges.


If a company is in need of a hire for a short-term project, recruitment agencies will be able to provide the right candidate without the need to bring them on long-term. This also gives the company a way to see if the employee might be a good fit if they are thinking long-term.

If the employee ends up not being a good fit, there will be no repercussions as the commitment to retain is not binding.

In addition, if a typical member of staff becomes sick or goes on maternity leave, the flexibility of hiring someone through an agency alleviates that position for the short term.


This benefit is a short and sweet one. A good staffing agency can provide a qualified candidate in less than a day.

The agency is able to shorten the time it takes to find a candidate due to its resources. In addition to that, they handle all paperwork and take the hassle out of the recruitment process.

A Good Fit

If you’re looking for a new recruiting strategy or thinking of utilizing a staffing agency for the first time, be sure to keep these advantages in mind.

For any additional business questions or concerns when looking to find the best staffing agency for you, be sure to check out our resources page!