Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying Paddle Boards

The stand-up paddleboard market is expecting to grow by almost 59 million dollars by 2024. As you scour the internet or in-store with paddleboard providers, you’ll come across a variety of boards.

Future buyers should consider the many factors involved before buying paddleboards. This guide will give you the top 5 factors to consider when choosing to buy a paddleboard.

Handle Options for Boards

There are many factors to consider when comparing board costs. This can range from lengths, widths, colors, and thickness.

It can become overwhelming when dealing with searching for the right board. These 5 factors will help narrow down the process when diving into stand-up paddleboarding.

Every paddleboard is going to have the same standard features across the board. The handle will help you pack the board to and from your destination. It will also include fins and a traction pad.

But you will want to know your purpose for buying a board before you embark on any paddleboarding activities.

The Board Shape

The size of paddleboards and the shape will affect your decision-making process. One option, similar to the latitude 44 cascades, possesses a V-shaped nose.

This allows the nose of the board to pierce through the water. Regardless of whether you’re going upstream through the current, or chop. Some shapes are more efficient than others.

The all-around or planning board has a traditional rounded shape to the nose. These boards are less known for their water-piercing capabilities.

Length of the Board

There are a variety of lengths on the market. Some boards vary from ten and a half feet to fourteen feet. They’re not all in six-inch increments either, you’ll also have three to four-inch increments as well.

A shorter board provides more nimble maneuverability. A longer board possesses more control for more inexperienced players or more direct paths.

Width of the Board

Width is key in providing stability in your board. Individuals will see boards on the market that are anywhere from twenty-six inches wide to thirty-six or even forty-two inches wide.

So depending on your skill set, you’ll want to get a board that’s right for you. The first-time buyer may want to consider a board within the thirty-inch range.

An all-around board starter board width starter should be around thirty-one to thirty-two inches in width. Either way, there will be variances in these measurements.

The Board Volume

One of the most important features of the board is the volume. Volume is a calculation between the length, width, and thickness of a paddleboard. Look here for more options on different board volumes.

You don’t want to be on a board that doesn’t possess the right amount of volume for your mass. Otherwise, you will be sinking low into the water and unable to control the board.

Buying Paddle Boards

There are varying widths, lengths, and sizes of boards to look for when buying paddle boards. Research these options to help suit your needs for the long term.

Paddling is for everyone of all ages, some options will suit individuals of all shapes and sizes. Once you have your board you can gather your friends and enjoy your time out on the water.

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