What To Look For In a Professional Pool Company

Are you one of the lucky 10.4 million pool owners in the United States? If so, then you know a pool isn’t only fun and games. It’s also some work to keep your pool well maintained. 

Do you need someone to take the stress of pool maintenance off your hands? Whenever you outsource any task, you want a qualified service at an affordable price. 

Here’s what to look for in a professional pool service. 

Professional Pool Services

Call around to local professional pool service companies and ask friends for referrals and references. The basic services should include:

  • Debris removal from the bottom of the pool
  • Debris removal floating on the pool’s surface
  • Vacuum all pool surfaces including the stairs and ladders
  • Check pool pH levels weekly
  • Check and clean filter

A professional pool company offers these services and more. 

Repairs and Remodeling

An added plus is a pool service company that offers pool remodeling and repairs like Texas Pool Professionals. If your pool has any issues, they’ll alert you and can repair them before it turns into a major problem. 

If your pool is old, it may need draining and remodeling at some point. Pool professionals that already offer these services save you the time and hassle of finding a pool contractor.   

Experience and Dependability

A pool is an expensive asset and you want it maintained properly. Look for a pool service with experienced technicians.

It takes a delicate balance of chemicals to keep the pool water clear and clean. An experienced technician can head off chemical balance issues before they turn into a big problem. Ask for a trial period and take note of a few things:

  • Does the technician show up on time?
  • Is the tech courteous?
  • Does the tech provide the promised services?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, that’s a great start! 

Professional Pool Equipment

A professional service has all the equipment necessary for taking care of your pool. Ensure that they have a well-maintained truck and store their equipment in a safe and organized manner. 

A one-man pool service with a trunk full of haphazard equipment isn’t the ideal pool professional. 

Licensing and Insurance

Check to ensure your pool service is licensed and insured. Ask to see the Certified Pool Operator (CPO) certification. This means your pool tech attended classes and knows the best practices for maintaining the health and safety of a pool. Improper handling of pool chemicals can damage the pool and put your family’s health at risk. 

Also, ensure your pool service has insurance coverage. An accident is unlikely but make sure the company employees have proper coverage for when they’re on your property. 

A Professional Pool Service Makes Life Easier 

A professional pool service frees up your time so you can enjoy your pool! Pool maintenance takes more than time. It also takes knowledge of pool chemicals and proper handling of those chemicals. Having a professional means not contending with pool problems like algae, bacteria, and more. 

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