What Are the Common Types of Corporate Events?

Are you in charge of managing events in your company?

Company events are crucial to the life of a working environment. Some events help a company meet and engage with new customers. Others can help cultivate support and rapport among your team members.

All business events share a single goal, which is to make progress for the company. However, some occasions call for specific events.

Check out the most common corporate events in this article below.

1. Conferences and Seminars

One of the frequent business events that companies host are conferences and seminars. These are networking events for professionals in the same industry. Many attend these events to meet and learn from each other.

This is also an opportunity to learn specific themes at a more formal level. A common feature of this event is the speech by a guest speaker at the beginning. Small breakout sessions then happen throughout the event.

These events are often large-scale and can take days to occur. Planning an event like this then takes wider and more intricate coordination.

Seminars, like conferences, are also networking events. The only difference is that it’s a more formal and educational effort. They often have only one speaker focused on discussing one theme or topic.

Seminars are more one-directional and seldom take longer than a day. Because of this, several seminars can get organized in a day. These could happen at the same time in person or online.

Things can get hectic, so scheduling live and virtual events beforehand to avoid overlapping events is important.

2. Trade Expo Shows

Trade shows are large-scale corporate events that are like lead generation activities. Companies use these to re-establish their image as industry leaders among the participants.

These events are always held in large areas. They contain booths that showcase different products and services of hundreds of dealers.

Many attend trade expos as exhibitors to expand their reach in the industry. They also make use of this event to scout their competitors and connect with suppliers.

A few good event planning tips for this event are to stay at a negotiated rate for a booth space. Plan a clear timeline of the industry leaders’ speaking opportunities. Ample preparation in advertising and promoting the event is also necessary.

3. Corporate Dinners

Business dinners are corporate functions that can be for many things. The purpose of it is a deciding factor to where it’s going to happen and how long the dinner will be.

Corporate dinners organized for an in-house strategy session can happen in the office. If you need to persuade a prospective client, a restaurant is the best location. It also often ends at a more reasonable hour.

4. Team-Building Events

Team-building events are internal functions. These events focus on giving fun and enjoyable ways for employees to bond. This is also a way for big companies to get people in different departments to connect and meet each other.

Activities in team-building often revolve around the aspects of motivation, inspiration, and education. Outdoor and physical group activities are the core of this event.

Obstacle courses are one of the classic examples of team-building activities. Workshops are also part of team building to promote emotional sensitivity amongst colleagues.

5. Golf Events

Golf events are a staple of the corporate culture. Executives find it important to have a venue with a relaxed environment. This helps in fostering rapport with their business partners.

Making sure that leisure activities will not distract you is critical to the event’s success. Always keep in mind that golf events are a big opportunity for businesses despite the lax and engaging environment.

6. Company Parties

Company parties are the types of events that bring the workers together. This often happens when companies want to celebrate victories or milestones. They are also used as morale boosters or simple gatherings to celebrate holidays.

Company parties are set to show appreciation for the employees’ hard work. Aside from that, it promotes interdepartmental mingling and develops company culture.

These events allow the host and guests to spend time in a nontraditional environment. This gives both groups the chance to build rapport. It also gives them a deeper understanding of mutual business priorities.

7. Product Launches

Another common corporate event is a product launch. This helps in spreading the word about the official release of a new product or partnership. They can also be a way to promote new special offers or sales to the clients.

These events create a buzz and aids in getting attendees to know more about your company. Product launches can be meetings to notify the employees about upcoming products. They are often full-scale launch parties that help to build excitement on a new release.

Product launches are common events for B2C corporations, more so if they’re on the top list. These events often have flashy introductions. They can also be extravagant parties with dinner, A-list guests, and over-the-top entertainment.

8. Corporate/ Shareholder Board Meetings

Shareholder meetings are vital to a company’s communications strategy and annual planning. These meetings can be private or public.

This corporate event gives the board time to reflect on the company’s performance. It allows them to check if their strategies work to their benefit or not.

It also gives them the time and place to adjust their decisions and better manage the corporation. Big, hefty decisions are often made during these events as all executives are present.

9. Year-End Functions

Year-end functions are events where companies show their appreciation for their employees. This annual party can be simple and under a small budget. Some may opt to make it a lavish event at a luxurious hotel or high-end restaurant.

A Simple Guide to the Common Types of Corporate Events

Conferences, team building, product launches, company parties, and golf events. Not only that but also trade shows and year-end functions. These are but some of the corporate events you will encounter at work.

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