Selling on Amazon: 4 Effective Tips to Remember

Did you know that 90% of shoppers will price check an item’s price on Amazon before they make an in-store purchase? Amazon dominates the E-commerce marketplace, so much so that even industry titan Walmart can’t compete with them online. 

If you aren’t selling on Amazon, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to drive your sales to new records. One of the primary reasons everyone isn’t on Amazon is because they don’t know where to start. 

We’re here to help you with that! Read on for four Amazon selling tips. 

1. Follow the Rules 

This sounds obvious, but there are a shocking number of people who feel like they get around Amazon’s terms of service and game the system. You’ll come across thousands of articles online that claim to know a hack that can help you cheat your way to more sales. 

These are all nonsense. Amazon doesn’t play around; if you try to manipulate their algorithms using dishonest techniques, they’ll catch you and suspend your account. It’s not worth it. 

2. Optimize Your Product Descriptions 

One reason for Amazon’s popularity is that shoppers can find anything they’re looking for. You can search for clothing items and narrow down your results based on brand, color, size, fabric, and more. You can look for furniture based on room, size, brand, color, fabric, and more. 

If your product descriptions aren’t full of this information, you won’t show up in as many searches. When you target your products and write descriptive ads, you’ll attract customers that are ready to buy and that want exactly what you’re selling, causing your conversion rate to go up. Those customers will then leave you positive reviews, driving more people to your products. 

3. Adjust Your Prices 

What is your product worth? It’s an interesting question that has serious implications. 

Despite what you may think, the value of any one product is simply what people will pay for it. If you think your product is worth $39.99 but no one buys it, that’s the market’s way of telling you that your product isn’t worth that. 

Do some competitor research and see what similar products sell for, and price your items to compete. There are dozens of Amazon seller tools that will help you see what similar products sell for. Don’t get stubborn about prices. There are plenty of stubborn people selling items on Amazon that have zero sales. Don’t be one of those people; be an owner that responds to the market. 

4. Take Professional Photos of Your Items 

A picture is worth a thousand words and a million sales. If your products don’t have high-quality images, people will assume that you’re hiding something or that your store isn’t focused on quality. 

In the past, you’d have to buy professional equipment or have a photographer take high-quality pictures, but now most people can use their phone. Make sure you get a picture of your product from every angle, have great lighting, and show your product off to the world. Photos can also show up online when someone searches for your product, leading more people to your Amazon store. 

Start Selling on Amazon Today!

If you aren’t selling on Amazon yet, or you are but aren’t getting the traction you hoped for, these four tips can help you succeed. 

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