9 Motorcycle Safety Tips for a Smooth Ride

You’re riding down the road on your motorcycle when all of a sudden, a car cuts you off. You have to drive off the road to avoid having a collision, which is dangerous in itself. You end up falling off your bike into the grass. 

In retrospect, things could have been a lot worse. You don’t have the same amount of protection that a car driver has. That means you’re about 35 percent more likely to die if you get into an accident. 

We can teach you how to stop this from happening. Check out these motorcycle safety tips to keep yourself in one piece and enjoy your time on the road. 

1. Choose the Right Bike 

The first step of riding a motorcycle safely is choosing the right bike. We know that should be straightforward, but it’s not. Many people prioritize the look of a bike when they go shopping. 

You need something that you can actually control. Your feet should sit flat on the floor. If the best you can do is tippy toes, it’s not the bike for you. 

You want to be able to drive and get on and off the bike with ease. You shouldn’t have to strain yourself to reach the handlebars and controls. 

2. Safety Gear Isn’t Optional 

When it comes to staying safe on a motorcycle, wearing safety gear isn’t an option. It’s a must. You need a heavy-duty helmet. It should be full-faced for optimal protection. 

If your helmet isn’t full-faced, pick up a pair of aviator goggles. On top of head protection, you need gloves, a pair of durable pants, a jacket, gloves, and a pair of boots that cover your ankles. 

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3. Keep an Eye on the Weather 

Before you gear up and hop on your bike, check the weather app on your phone. If you see any signs of snow or rain, put off your ride for another day. 

Inclement weather and motorcycles don’t mix. You’re only driving with two wheels, so you don’t have as much traction to work with as a car. You don’t have a windshield, so you’ll be constantly pelted by raindrops. That doesn’t feel too good when you’re going 60 miles per hour. 

It will be harder for you to see obstacles and other cars on the road. This means your risk for an accident will be at an all-time high. 

4. Visually Inspect Your Bike 

Don’t get on your bike until you visually inspect it. Check your tire pressure, lights, and mirrors. Look around for signs of leaks and make sure there are no loose parts. 

Fix anything that’s possible for you to fix and let a mechanic handle the rest. 

Speaking of mechanics, on top of taking a look at your ride before you go out, you also need to stay on top of regular maintenance. Don’t put off repairs to save a little money. The better your bike works, the more likely you are to come home safe. 

5. Don’t Rely On Your Mirrors Alone 

Every motorcycle comes hand in hand with mirrors, and while they’re helpful, you shouldn’t rely on them. They don’t always provide an accurate insight into those around you.

When you’re changing lanes, throw your head over your shoulder to make sure that you’re in the clear, and keep your head up when you’re turning around corners. 

6. Keep Your Head in the Game 

Don’t grab your keys and hit the road when your spouse makes you mad. You’ve got to have a clear head when you’re on the road. Remember, it’s not that easy for other vehicles to see you.

That means you have to pay extra attention to your surroundings. If you’re distracted, even a little bit, it can cause you to make a fatal mistake. So, take a deep breath and put yourself in your happy place before you hop on the bike. 

7. Make Yourself Visible

As we said above, it’s difficult for other drivers to see you while you’re speeding down the road. That’s actually the main cause of many accidents involving motorcycle drivers. 

That means you have to do what you can to make yourself as visible as possible. Make sure that you don’t venture into the blind spots of other drivers. Wear reflective clothing and keep your lights on at all times.  

8. Two Is a Crowd 

Letting your loved one ride on the back of a motorcycle with you can be pretty romantic. You shouldn’t allow a passenger to get on with you while you’re still learning how to drive, however. It will spell disaster for both of you. 

If you are comfortable enough to have a passenger, make sure that they’re wearing the same amount of safety gear as you. You should also instruct them on what to do when you make stops and turn corners. 

9. Take a Safety Course

The last bit of advice we have for you is to take a motorcycle safety course. Doing so will teach you all the rules of the road. The instructors will throw a bunch of scenarios your way, and tell you how to work through them. 

In short, you’ll get to polish your skills in a safe environment before you’re thrown out there on the road where things are much less predictable. 

Motorcycle Safety Tips to Live by 

There’s nothing more freeing than riding a bike down the road. A fun afternoon ride can quickly become a disaster if you don’t practice proper motorcycle safety tips. 

Always gear up, take a safety course, and keep your eyes on the road. Do this along with making sure you’re visible, and you’ll be fine. 

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