Keep Your Commercial Roofing Afloat: 5 Crucial Maintenance Tips

Did you know that replacing or installing a roof costs between $5,443-$11,209? Sometimes commercial roofing is one of those things that is overlooked in a business until there is a problem. We have put together this short guide for you to use a reference to help keep your business roof in its best shape. 

Keep reading to learn our top maintenance tips for all commercial roof types.

1. Never Ignore Leaks

Choosing to ignore a leaking roof is asking for trouble. After some time a leak is only going to get worse and it will become even more expensive to repair. You risk ruining things such as electrical work and also equipment inside of the building. 

As soon as you notice a leaky roof, call a professional to take a look and get to the root of the problem. 

2. Keep It Clean

It is important to avoid debris building up because this will cause algae and mold growth. Debris that builds up will also lead to clogs on your roof. Having regular cleaning will ensure that your roof is in tip top shape and it will also help you detect any issues early on, so that you can tackle them right away. 

During the winter months have someone clean off any snow that accumulates as well. When snow sits on a roof for an extended period of time it can cause leaks or it can also cause ice dams. 

3. Inspections

We recommend having a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof twice a year. During these inspections they will not only look for leaks and cracks but also any weak spots that you might not be aware of.

Make sure that they look around your vents, joints, and skylights as well. Having the inspector check the roof before winter begins is crucial to make sure that your roof will be ok during freezing temperatures. 

4. Avoid Walking on the Roof

It is best to leave walking on the roof up to the professionals because it will impact the life expectancy of the roof the more you walk on it. Investing in walk pads might be a smart move because these walkways are independent of the main roof’s construction and it will allow you or inspectors to freely walk on the roof without worrying about damaging it. 

Another bonus of walk pads is that they can be easily removed if need be.

5. Unclog Gutters and Drains

Anytime it rains and storms outside, it puts debris in your roof drainage system. This is why staying on top of cleaning your gutters will avoid mold growth, mildew accumulation, and leaks. Take the time to also make sure that none of your gutters or drains are cracked or loose. 

Ready to Keep Your Commercial Roofing in Tip Top Shape?

We hope that now that you have our top tips on maintaining your commercial roofing your roof will enjoy a longer lifespan.

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