Keeping It Cool: How to Ship Frozen Food on a Budget

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the majority of what’s in U.S. landfills is wasted food. From spoilage when transporting to throwing away leftovers, food waste is a problem and it’s an expensive one. 

Are you in the business of shipping frozen food? Are you looking for affordable frozen food transport? When thinking about how to ship perishable food, the affordability and effectiveness of your shipping method have to be the top priority. 

Transporting frozen food without breaking the bank is possible. Keep reading this guide on how to ship frozen food on a budget to learn more.

What are the Challenges of Shipping Frozen Food? 

In order to keep your business rolling, you need to address the challenges that plague the frozen food shipping process. Let’s take a look at some of the things that lead to food waste. 


Shipping frozen food in places with extreme humidity especially during the summer months can get tricky. Humidity is a major threat to frozen food. Proper packaging and transporting can keep the humidity at bay to protect the frozen products. 


Food will spoil if it is not packed well in an insulated container or without proper refrigeration. This is a major challenge while shipping frozen food for many reasons. Refrigeration can break down and mistakes can be made during the packing process. 

Extreme Temperatures

In order to protect food from temperature changes especially extreme ones, it is imperative that food is packed properly. 

The Cost of Shipping Frozen Food 

Your shipping costs depend on what you use to package the items, the weight of the package, and which shipping service you use. 


Use insulation and/or dry ice when packing your frozen goods. Use a corrugated box and leave space for dry ice or frozen gel packs or some type of insulation. 

When using dry ice, have some ventilation because dry ice emits carbon dioxide which should not be contained. 

Special cold shipping boxes that fit inside of a cardboard shipping box are a great option for shipping frozen food. 

Shipping Carrier 

Choose a shipping carrier that offers good options for shipping frozen food. Look at each carrier website for their recommendations and packaging requirements. 

Check out these certified cool containers that serve a wide range of industries around the world. It’s the kind of cool container you need to transport your valuable or perishable products. 

How to Ship Frozen Food Without Breaking the Bank

Now that you know how to ship frozen food without compromising it and within a budget, you can feel safe when you ship perishable food. If you follow the guidelines, you shouldn’t have any trouble. 

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