10 Beautiful Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2021

An average kitchen remodel costs anywhere from about $12,500 to nearly $35,000. So when you’re working on the ultimate kitchen refurbishment, where is that money best spent?

These kitchen remodel ideas will help you convert any kitchen into a fun, practical, useful space.

1. Repaint

Even if your kitchen budget is only a few hundred dollars, you can make it feel new by repainting. While a white or black kitchen is always trendy and timeless, 2021 kitchens will be taking on a more natural tone.

Woods and greens are the top color trends for 2021.

2. Consider an Accent Wall

Accent walls still have their place in a modern kitchen. To break up a monochromatic space, consider highlighting one particular wall, or section of a wall.

You can make the space even more interesting with a wallpaper pattern or an easy-to-apply print pattern.

3. Make Weird Nooks Practical

Especially if a house has seen multiple remodels, your kitchen probably has weird nooks that don’t seem to make sense. For example, there might be a space between the fridge and counter or wall. This is a great place to hide a rolling shelf for storing cans.

You could hide spices under the shelves, or squeeze in an office nook in a tuckaway drawer. Before shunning a space as useless, get creative.

4. Put Eco First

Environmentally friendly remodeling ideas are still a priority for most kitchen remodels. Incorporate recycled building materials and secondhand lighting fixtures.

5. Upgrade Your Appliances

In line with eco-friendly remodel, consider upgrading your appliances to an eco-friendly option too. A kitchen appliance store will be able to guide you to the best appliances that fit your needs.

6. Don’t Ignore Your Materials

Granite countertops and wood are in. Gold finishes and metallic touches are also trending. When you design your kitchen, do your research to make sure the materials you use are sourced responsibly and trending.

7. Make Your Pantry Practical

Readjusting your shelves, getting a stool, or perhaps adding a cabinet can make it easier to keep your pantry organized and practical. During your kitchen remodel, don’t neglect your pantry.

8. Embrace Nooks

Instead of an open-plan, “broken-plan” is the new way of designing spaces. You don’t need to put up walls, but by organizing furniture, plants, and dividers, you can create little nooks.

9. It’s Time for Open Shelving

Consider taking off a cabinet door or installing floating shelves. Open shelving is back in style and a great way to display your favorite kitchen pieces. Spice up the look even more by accenting the back wall of your shelves.

10. Make It Yours

Above all, it’s your kitchen and it has to be practical for you. While you work through your kitchen remodel, keep in mind how you use the space, and make sure it has what you need.

These Kitchen Remodel Ideas Will Upgrade Any Kitchen

These kitchen remodel ideas are perfect for any kitchen upgrade, whether you’re on a budget or rebuilding the entire room.

As you work through your kitchen remodel, remember to keep your priorities in mind. Your space should be functional, practical, and personalized. Take what you like, and leave the rest.

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