How to Save Money On Your Electric Bill

The average cost of an electric bill is a whopping $110.76 a month. Of course, that varies throughout the year depending on your climate and how much heat or A/C you need to stay comfortable.

But what if I told you a lot of that money is just going down the drain? There are a lot of ways you can save big bucks on your electric bill. Here’s how.

1. Turn Off Vampire Electricity

Vampire electricity is the secret demon draining the life out of your electric bill. Nearly everything in your home plugged into a wall is quietly using electricity. The little red lights on your electronics, your consoles, and TVs in sleep mode.

And it all adds up. On average, that adds up to $165 to $440 per household per year!

So unplug anything when it’s not in use, or invest in a power strip you can easily turn on and off to keep vampire energy at bay.

2. Rethink Your Home Climate

Adjusting the temperature in your home by a few degrees can add up to big savings. The government estimates you can cut down 10% of your electric bill by adjusting your thermostat by 7 to 10 degrees.

Consider a smart thermostat so your home can still be a pleasant temperature while you’re home, and more ambient while you’re away.

Another option is to learn to regulate your home temperature by managing your windows. Open your windows at night and close them during the day to keep your home cooler, which leads us to the next option.

3. Get Good Insulation

Since climate control eats up such a big portion of your electric bill, make sure you have good insulation and high-quality windows. This way you’re not paying to heat the outside world – it’s already hot enough!

Check to make sure your attic is properly insulated, and make sure your windows are up for the job. Even if it’s a splurge right away, it’ll save you big bucks down the road.

4. Invest in Solar

The best time to invest in solar was four years ago. The second best time is today. You can still claim a tax credit if you install a solar system in 2021, but it expires in 2022.

In many cases, the payment you make on your solar system is lower than your preexisting electric bill! Solar will keep you off the grid, and some providences will even buy your extra energy if your solar generates more than you need.

Solar will keep you off the grid, and if you need extra power when you’re using a lot, a generator will keep you online. You can learn more about generator installation here.

Your Electric Bill Is Too High, but It Doesn’t Have to Be

You can stop paying too much for your electricity with a few quick changes, or go completely off the grid. Make sure you’re using your electricity efficiently, and don’t let electronics sleep.

By taking care of your power usage, you’re protecting your wallet and the planet. Great work.

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